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Shiny, Happy, Publishing People

As the great circus of publishing delights that is the annual London Book Fair disappears from view for another year, this week’s The Naked Book finally found out what it was all about. Just Be Positive. And Happy, of course. It might seem difficult: the Department of Justice has banned dinners. James Bond has defected […]

Julian Assange, The Unauthorised Biography

He’s the quintessential international man of mystery: Julian Assange has surprised the world again by (a) suddenly and secretly publishing his autobiography, and (b) immediately denouncing it and his publishers, Canongate! What happens under these circumstances? Listen to the latest Debriefer to find out… Presented by Donna Ballman with Peter Cox. Download the show as […]

The Doctrine of First Sale

The First Sale Doctrine says that if you possess a copy of a book that you bought legally, then you have the right to resell it after you’re done with it. This allows second-hand bookstores to exist – and also allows libraries to buy and then lend out books. Now, a legal ruling has narrowed […]