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One-on-One with Geoff Dyer

Geoff Dyer is the consummate writer’s writer: winner of the Somerset Maugham Prize, the US National Book Critics Circle Award the E. M. Forster Award, and more.  The Daily Telegraph newspaper has called him “the best living writer in Britain”.  Zadie Smith believes he is “a national treasure.” This is a specially extended Litopia After […]

Kickstart A Book For A Buck

We’re back from our Summer vacation, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed – with a host of topics to talk about and the inestimable Ross Pruden: Renaissance man, seer and heterodox harlequin.  What more could you possibly want – The Pay-Per-View Royal Family Channel? Well you’re in luck, ‘cos we’ve got that, too! Presented by Peter Cox with […]

The Great Amazon Debate

In 1994, Jeffrey Preston Bezos left his Wall Street job to found an internet based company in his garage. The ‘bookseller’ known as Amazon sold its first book one year later.  Amazon may have marketed itself as “the world’s largest bookstore”, but its logo–an arrow leading from A to Z–was a clear indicator that its […]

I Wish I’d Written It

The new year is a time to make dreams come true… and if you could make one authorial wish come true, what might it be?  Perhaps you’d like the ultimate rave review from a legendary author such as Stephen King, along these lines: “this one gets the writer’s ultimate bit of praise: I wish I […]

Buzz Cuts

More news, ruminations and legal shenanigans for writers – presented by leading lawyer Donna Ballman with literary agent Peter Cox. Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe to our shows by Email Be a wonderful human being and support us with a donation Picture by Derek K. Miller