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It’s Banned Books Week, so expect an even more provocative, hilarious, outrageous and scandalous show than usual! Why are books banned?  Should it ever happen?  Do we self-censor – and should we?  Described by the Danish Prime Minister as the worst international crisis the country had faced since since the Second World War II, the […]

Memory – What Memory?

We’re preoccupied with the experience of reading tonight.  A recent editorial by James Collins in the New York Times proposes that most people cannot recall the title, author or even the existence of a book they read a month ago, much less its contents.  If this is true – and some of our panellists dispute […]

Who Blew My Cover?

Book covers are always fraught subjects.  Should the author have cover approval – or should it be a decision for the marketing folk – it is, after all, part of the packaging.  Our special guest Philippa Ballantine (checking in from New Zealand, where it’s barely seven o’clock in the morning) has some decided views on […]

Dude, Where’s My Title?

The author is the brand, right?  That’s the mantra we’ve all been taught for a long time… that successful authors need to apply the principles of successful brand management to their “product”… or else the “consumer” won’t bite.  But in reality, how many authors know anything about branding – or if they did, would they […]

Back With A Bang!

Our Summer break’s over and we’re back with a bang tonight – with panellists that include the writers’ therapist Dr. Susan O’Doherty from New York, award-winning author and broadcaster Philippa Ballantine from New Zealand, writer and marketing guru Jamie Mollart from England and writer, bookseller and one-woman multi-functional device Eve Harvey live and direct from […]