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Taking It Up The Amis

Martin Amis, vieillard terrible of the UK lit scene, thinks children’s writers are “brain damaged”.  The problem, Mr. Amis, with insulting other writers is that they are liable to strike back – often far more wittily and pungently than your dwindling powers apparently permit you to.  Tonight’s show is a case in point: listen and […]

Love & The Law Go Hand In Hand

Former President Jimmy Carter is sued by a pro-Israel group for writing a book they don’t like, with serious implications for all writers… how e-book royalty rates are screwing authors…  an under-the-table copyright grab by a major publisher… and on this Valentine’s day, how the law affects romance writing! Download the show as mp3 file […]

Fairy Erotica Takes Wings

As befits Valentine’s day, love and romance are our constant companions tonight – and who better to guide us through such tempestuous matters of the heart than Emma Shortt, whose most recent novel The Valentine’s Fae has just been published.  Writers’ therapist Dr. Susan O’Doherty is here, too – in case we need emotional untangling […]


“I have a question about issues of legal identity”, asks a Debriefer listener.  “If a character cannot remember who she is – and authorities are for whatever reason unable to discover her identity – what options are there…?” Great question – and a fascinating answer in this edition! Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe […]

Never Mind The Marketing Bollocks, Here’s A Cup With A Knob In It

Sex toys, free iPods, key rings… apparently, some authors will sink to any depths in an attempt to boost sales for their books – but do tacky sales gimmicks like these actually work?   Writers’ conferences – great networking opportunities, or a serious fleecing for naive would-be authors?  What’s your platform – and do you even […]


“Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office. Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly” advertised Giffords’ 2010 Congressional opponent Jesse Kelly… free speech or incitement to murder?  Plus…  authors entering the public domain this year… Amazon going Orwellian on us once again… and what happens after you kill off the parents? (in your plot, that […]

Miss Rusty Provocatively Self-Published My Fairy Tale

Seriously – why do writers need publishers?  Is Amy Chua, the Joan Crawford of modern parenting, for real?  How to rig Amazon’s Kindle bestseller list… And is Freud correct in implying that art is primarily an escapist method… in an ideal world there would be no need for creative expression… or indeed, for writers?  All […]

Some of That Slushpile Excrement is Mine!

Have you missed us?  We’ve certainly missed you!  But sigh & pine no longer, because you’re  about to recommence your weekly fix of the net’s first and foremost literary salon – Litopia After Dark! Tonight, our panelists are Dr. Susan O’Doherty, Donna Ballman, Dave Bartram and Eve Harvey. Most important of all, the chatroom is […]

Introducing Donna’s Domain

What do The Diary of Adrian Mole, Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose and WikiLeaks have in common?  You’ll be amazed!  Plus fake reviews… fake kisses… and ways you can use the law to give your stories more depth. Don’t forget – you can post topics for Donna to discuss in Donna’s Domain inside […]


Concurrent with this week’s unearthing of space invaders in a Californian pond, Litopia After Dark tonight announces the discovery of alien life even closer to home… we call them politicians.  Intent on inflicting widespread cultural vandalism by murdering our libraries, homo politicus threatens our way of life every bit as much as terrorists or even […]

Apocalypse BBC

The BBC has provided the world – yes, the world – with outstanding radio drama for 75 years.  Yet as of the 1st of April 2011, the BBC’s World Service Radio Drama department is being completely axed – and shockingly, the BBC World Service will no longer broadcast any regular drama. This essential betrayal of […]

Who’s A-Frey’d of the Big Bad Wolf?

Self-appointed “bad boy” of publishing James Frey is one of our targets, whoops – topics, tonight.  Frey’s first book A Million Little Pieces, a purportedly autobiographical account of the author’s struggle with addiction, was subsequently proved to be untrue, and cost Random House millions in legal fees.  Frey’s latest venture is just as controversial – […]

Kate To Get A Willy

Rejoice!  We may be in the grip of the deepest recession since the Great Depression, but Brits, at least, have one burning ember of consolation with which to melt winter’s bleakest onslaught: Prince William and Commoner Kate are getting married! To celebrate this week’s magnificent Royal news, we are almost entirely ignoring it: apart from […]

Haggisgate: Large Hard-on Collides With Bush

Do you really miss George Bush?  To the extent that you’d part with your hard-earned cash for his insipid autobiography?  And what about all those Brits who apparently made Tony Blair’s appalling self-hagiography a bestseller… how come you never meet anyone who admits to buying it?  Tonight, our much-loved New York therapist Dr. Susan O’Doherty […]

Stick ‘Em Up, Punk – We’re The Fun-Loving Storytellers

How can writers respond to the specter of financial depression that looms over so much of the arts now?  “If we expand our goals beyond just one form”, says panelist Nic Alderton, “and apply those storytelling skills, through the medium of writing, to other final forms – we suddenly open up a world of opportunities […]