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Mike Tyson’s Tattoo & A Renegade Agent

Who owns the copyright to Mike Tyson’s facial tattoo?  And other intriguing legal issues on this edition of the internet’s favorite show about writing and the law. Presented by Donna Ballman with Peter Cox. Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe to our shows by Email Be a wonderful human being and […]

Free Latex Origami

American society is at a point now where it doesn’t want to self-analyze, says our special guest tonight, Charles McLeod.  His first book, AMERICAN WEATHER has just been  published by Random House.  Hailed as an American Psycho for the 2010s, it’s a biting satire of life in a country where advertising has become indistinguishable from […]

Suck My Pirate Pump, Now With Extra Steam

Patronage: would you sit in a rich man’s basement and write for cash?  It may well come to that in the era of infinite distribution… Something our star panellist Ross Pruden knows about – because he coined the term.  Ross is the thinking person’s Cory Doctorow: tonight, he’s explaining what digital abundance and scarcity mean […]

Here’s My V*g*n*: Please Buy My Book!

Media maven Mark Borkowski joins our illustrious panel tonight – which also features bestselling pop-sci author Brian Clegg – to talk about the impact of celebrity culture on our society; and how the heck can the humble author compete in publicity terms with the likes of Paris Hilton? This is the second of our new-format […]

How to Get In Bed with Your Favorite Author

It’s great to be back with a new format and brilliant new guests… including David Whitehouse, whose first book BED is published this week and is getting stellar reviews (“Staggering, inventive and heartbreakingly beautiful” – Esquire) and the impossibly-talented Philippa Ballantine, whose speculative fiction books (e.g. GEIST) are too numerous to mention! Picture by Kaptain […]

Mountain of Lies?

Yet another author is accused of embellishing the truth in a non-fiction book – step forward Greg Mortenson, who it’s alleged exaggerated or distorted facts in his bestselling books Three Cups of Tea and its sequel, Stones into Schools. Presented by Donna Ballman with Peter Cox. Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes […]

Greek Seamen: A Matter of Taste

It’s serious stuff tonight (well, until the Commissioning Meeting, that is) as we get our teeth into the issue du jour… Whether authors and authors’ estates should separate their digital rights and digitally publish themselves?  This is the hottest topic in publishing right now… and as always, Litopia After Dark is well ahead of the […]

Why Write If You Can Market Well?

In this special April Fish edition, we’re exploring why writers such as the far-famed Jacqueline Howett go into total meltdown when faced with bad reviews; how you can become a KINLIONAIRE; and why the net is killing the most precious time in writers’ lives. Our high-intensity panel features writer’s therapist Dr. Susan O’Doherty, romance writer […]

Going Hyper

Secret prisoners… two weeks in jail for speaking to your lawyer… secret trials… where could this be?  Libya?  North Korea?  Stalinist Russia?  Not at all.  Say hello to the United Kingdom – in the age of the hyper-injunction!  Presented by Donna Ballman with Peter Cox and Andrew Gillman. Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe […]

Go Ahead, Steampunk, Make My Day!

Special guest Robert Brown of steampunk band Abney Park takes us inside the intrepid world of one of the hottest writing and music genres at the moment.  Steampunk – once a niche market – is going mainstream.  But what is its appeal – and what does it say about the zeitgeist?  As usual, Litopia After […]

A Town Called Sue

That’s what m’learned friends call London – A Town Called Sue – because it’s the libel capital of the world, where the courts have become casinos for the international rich and powerful to become… even more rich and powerful.  No book is published in Britain without much consideration being given to possible libel charges… and […]

I Threw My P-book And Broke My Wii!

Could publishers be about to unveil a “subscription” model for reading?  You know, like Spotify for music – or Netflix for movies?  Would it work – and crucially, what chance would long-suffering authors have of making any money?  With us tonight is leading publisher Simon Flynn of Icon Books – to spill the beans.  Also, […]

The Right of Publicity

The Right of Publicity is your right to control the commercial use of your name, image, likeness or identity.  Fair enough, you may think – everyone ought to be able to control whether your image is used in a commercial context. Trouble is, the Right of Publicity can survive the death of the individual… and […]

Cows, Colons & Kids

Ever bought a book because of Twitter?  Apparently, many people do… Tweets are becoming the hot new way to tout your tomes… and that Anne Robinson – is she really as horrible as she seems on TV?  We have one man who knows!  It’s a brilliantly gossipy panel tonight, featuring Colin Mulhern whose first YA […]

Don’t Eidt Me, Bro!

Editors… dontcha love ’em?  Apparently not, because a growing number of writers are asking – what’s the point? And – do you (or should you) create an online persona that’s radically different to your offline  personality? It’s a great panel tonight, featuring YA author and publishing industry commentator Graham Marks, marketing and social media maven […]