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The Next Best Thing To Love

Orange Prize shortlister Ellen Feldman is one of our specials guests tonight; her latest book, Next To Love, has just been published and before she flies home to New York, she popped into our London studio to tell us about the book, about her life and about the writing process.  Our other special guest, comedienne […]

Interns Are Slaves: Chinese Walls Are Nonsense

More great news you need and enlightening analysis from the confluence of writing and the law. Presented by leading lawyer Donna Ballman with literary agent Peter Cox. Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe to our shows by Email Be a wonderful human being and support us with a donation Picture by […]

Julian Assange, The Unauthorised Biography

He’s the quintessential international man of mystery: Julian Assange has surprised the world again by (a) suddenly and secretly publishing his autobiography, and (b) immediately denouncing it and his publishers, Canongate! What happens under these circumstances? Listen to the latest Debriefer to find out… Presented by Donna Ballman with Peter Cox. Download the show as […]

My Wiki Has Go-Faster Stripes!

“Inspiring” is a pretty good word to use about tonight’s show.  Andi Buchanan had a great idea for The Daring Book For Girls … two million copies later (to say nothing of a video game, a Burger King kids meal and a film deal!) she’s here to tell us – and inspire us with – […]

The Doctrine of First Sale

The First Sale Doctrine says that if you possess a copy of a book that you bought legally, then you have the right to resell it after you’re done with it. This allows second-hand bookstores to exist – and also allows libraries to buy and then lend out books. Now, a legal ruling has narrowed […]

Chris Mullin: Witness to History

He was there when Tony Blair became Prime Minister of the UK – and carefully documented his rise and fall.  As a television journalist, he campaigned against injustices such as the Birmingham Six convictions – six innocent Irishmen sentenced to life imprisonment for the Birmingham pub bombings.  As a Member of Parliament, he’s taken on […]

Teens & Screams

Joanna Nadin is the bestselling UK “Queen of Teen” author who new YA book, PARADISE, is winning widespread adulation – but not everyone knows that in a former life, Jo has been a special adviser to the former Prime Minister Tony Blair – and has written speeches for most of the former cabinet.  What was […]

Mark Billingham Stole My Luck!

“I remember lying on that hotel room floor, and my heart was thumping so much I was bouncing on the carpet…” In the week that British crime writer Mark Billingham achieves his first No. 1 position in the UK charts, we’re delighted to welcome him to Litopia After Dark for an extended, in-depth session about […]

Coming Of Age In An Age Of War

Laura Harrington is a playwright, a lyricist, a librettist – and now, she’s become a novelist, with the publication of her first book,  ALICE BLISS.  An accomplished  dramatist – she teaches theater arts at MIT – the prospect of learning a new craft didn’t faze her.  “I wrote a novel in order to be a […]


The Debriefer is back from our Summer hols… and our agenda is full to bursting with the Apple price fixing suit… why Harper Lee didn’t write again… What The UK riots mean for bookstores… yet another book banning… the (law) Force is not with George Lucas… and Memphis Beat gets it wrong! Presented by Donna […]

All My Friends Are In Hell – And There’s Enough Light To Read

Aloha! We’re back after our summer sabbatical ce soir, and it’s a true classic: Christopher Moore, Tee Morris, The Bookseller’s Philip Jones, Dave Bartram, and Catwake in the (packed out) chatroom… it’s sheer literary nirvana.  Were you there? Well, if you weren’t – at least you can listen to the recording, here. But…don’t miss out […]

Trash, Transmedia, & Chaterati

What would you do if two of the world’s leading screenwriters and directors “discover” your manuscript – and want to film it?  And how do you plan to make a living out of our great big digital future?  Our two brilliant guests tonight can help on both counts – because they’re none other than Andy […]

The Corruption of Lauren Kate

Take one internationally best-selling author… combine with Litopia After Dark’s preternaturally brilliant crew of panellists and chatroomers… add one host and a soupçon of sauciness… and what do you have? Why, none other than this week’s totally amazing Litopia After Dark!  Because  YA writing sensation Lauren Kate is our extra-special guest… author of the massively […]