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Going Hyper

Secret prisoners… two weeks in jail for speaking to your lawyer… secret trials… where could this be?  Libya?  North Korea?  Stalinist Russia?  Not at all.  Say hello to the United Kingdom – in the age of the hyper-injunction!  Presented by Donna Ballman with Peter Cox and Andrew Gillman. Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe […]

A Town Called Sue

That’s what m’learned friends call London – A Town Called Sue – because it’s the libel capital of the world, where the courts have become casinos for the international rich and powerful to become… even more rich and powerful.  No book is published in Britain without much consideration being given to possible libel charges… and […]

Library Day of Action

All across the UK, people have been taking action in the last 24 hours to protest against cuts to local library services which could see more than half of Britain’s public libraries closed.  The BBC, as always, appears to be on the side of the politicians… not the people.  Plus… even more word games! Download […]