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Question Time

It’s an impressively long Question Time for Peter today – nearly half an hour of accumulated questions from authors covering a wide variety of topics.  Are two books better than one when it comes to writing a proposal? What’s an agent thinking when they request the full manuscript? Should you try out your big new […]

Crushed Dreams

Do editors know that they hold authors’ dreams in their hands?  An anonymous blogger, who purports to be a children’s book editor, believes that authors should toughen up.  “When you receive a rejection letter and feel your dreams being crushed”, she says, “BE AWARE: it’s YOU crushing your dreams.”  True?  Or just heartless ranting? Eve’s […]

Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives – David Eagleman

Today there’s another chance to hear our entire interview with author David Eagleman. His book Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives has been widely praised by the likes of Philip Pullman, Brian Eno and Stephen Fry.  David’s own background is unusually broad – by day, he heads the Eagleman Laboratory at Baylor College of Medicine […]

The First Trilogy – Joyce Cary

John Simopoulos is back today with another in our series of  Books That Matter to tell us about an author who John knew personally: Joyce Cary. “By the end of his life”, wrote Brad Leithauser in the New York Review of Books, “Cary’s confident and fluent books received a critical and popular success, yet the […]

Stop Thief!

How can you stop people stealing your great ideas? That’s the sujet-du-jour for today’s Eve’s Salmagundi Club. [audio:ld/ld_284.mp3] Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe to our shows by Email Photo by Don Hankins

On Black Sisters’ Street

We’re proud today to feature Litopia colonist Chika Unigwe’s new book – On Black Sisters’ Street.  Chika herself is appearing today at the Edinburgh International Book Festival – the event is sold out! – so if you don’t get to hear her there… you can hear her here! An award-winning short story writer, Chika was […]