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Trader’s Tales 5: A Very Convincing Murderer

“So I went back and got into my garbage bin…” An amazing confession today, in our continuing and engrossing audience with actor Trader Faulkner, about the electrifying encounter early one morning when Trader came close to bumping off Sir Laurence Olivier.  With a supporting cast of Vivian Leigh and Dorothy Tutin, this has to be […]

Trader’s Tales 3: The Kid’s Getting All The Gravy

Three letters: one to Laurence Olivier, one to impresario Binkie Beaumont, one to famed director Peter Brook.   On such slender threads our fate often depends.  And one of them hits its target.  Almost overnight, Trader finds himself replacing Richard Burton on Broadway, being directed by Sir John Gielgud!  But… the green eye is not far […]

Litopia Presents: Trader’s Tales

For the next two weeks, we are proud to present for your holiday enjoyment – TRADER’S TALES…recollections from a life in the arts as recounted by Trader Faulkner.  A world-class raconteur, Trader will thrill you… shock you… delight you but (mostly) have you in stitches as you follow his career from Ceramic Flats, Australia to […]