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The Passion of The JK Rowling

Edinburgh resident JK Rowling gives a million quid to campaign against Scottish independence from Britain. And is promptly labeled a specky bastard, a ginga and a squeaky wee bitch. Way to go, ScotsNats! In this episode, we cover some of the issues behind the forthcoming referendum on Scottish independence (not currently on the news agenda […]

Harry Potter and the Unmarried Mother

We’re back! With more stories, more opinion and even more insight into that murky confluence that lies somewhere between the edge of publishing and the beginning of matters legal.  Big stories this show are: Sherlock Holmes is definitely in the public domain, judge rules Warning Drivers Of Speed Traps With Flashing Headlights Is Free Speech […]

Billionaire Fireman Cowboy with a Heart of Gold

What do women really want? Harlequin publishers actually appear to know – and it usually involves a terribly scarred man with a compelling physical presence, blazing with an internal fire women long to be scorched by. Jeez! Also – we mock the NFL, and praise – that’s right, praise – a certain publisher for being […]

Party Pooping Potter

Did Harry Potter’s lawyers (alright, Warner Bros lawyers) act way too heavy-handedly when they recently acted to suppress a Harry Potter-style house party in London?  Press reports suggested they acted like party poopers – but on today’s Write Report with Donna Ballman, we look at the evidence and conclude rather differently. Also, there are at […]