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Haggisgate: Large Hard-on Collides With Bush

Do you really miss George Bush?  To the extent that you’d part with your hard-earned cash for his insipid autobiography?  And what about all those Brits who apparently made Tony Blair’s appalling self-hagiography a bestseller… how come you never meet anyone who admits to buying it?  Tonight, our much-loved New York therapist Dr. Susan O’Doherty […]

The Lessons of Haggis

To conclude our week’s worth of all-time great reads, selected by John Simopoulos, Dean of Degrees at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, we end on a note of sublime levity: today’s’s featured author is Beachcomber (J.B. Morton) – an English columnist and essayist of exquisite humour…  “and I can say that with the authority of one […]