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The Porn Supremacy

In the week that Microsoft bought a fifth of Barnes & Noble’s digital businesses, and we learned that e-books sales grew 360% in the UK last year, we thought at The Naked Book we’d ignore all that – and focus on ‘mummy porn’. Why?  Well, it was the public wot did it. Four pence in […]

Billionaire Fireman Cowboy with a Heart of Gold

What do women really want? Harlequin publishers actually appear to know – and it usually involves a terribly scarred man with a compelling physical presence, blazing with an internal fire women long to be scorched by. Jeez! Also – we mock the NFL, and praise – that’s right, praise – a certain publisher for being […]

Introducing The Debriefer

From the hush-hush world of the publishing insider -on the QT and totally off the record… with the scandals and scuttlebutt – the rumours and rumbles – the leaks and lowdowns… we’re delighted to present you with THE DEBRIEFER! Brought to you by Donna Ballman and Peter Cox. Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe […]

The Velvet Rope

Valerie Plame Wilson – a former CIA agent whose unmasking led to the conviction of former Vice President Dick Cheney’s top aide has lost an appeal to declassify parts of her memoir.  The only winner in this case appears to be her publisher, Simon & Schuster – who will publish the selfsame Dick Cheney’s memoirs […]

Pigs Might Fly

You would be excused for being heartily sick and tired of hearing about the Google Book Settlement, but… pay attention for another few minutes this morning, if you don’t mind – this is important, and it will probably affect you.  Also in today’s Write Report with Donna Ballman, we’re talking about the libel suit that […]

Say It Ain’t True, Tintin

A Congolese accountant is to launch a lawsuit in France against Tintin for racism… the New York Times plays fast and loose with embargoes… the Google deadline is upon us… and how can authors earn more money from publishers? It’s an action-packed Write Report today with Donna – who will also be reappearing in just […]

Fighting Dirty

A blogger who described a model as a “skank”, an “old hag” and a “psychotic lying whore” plans to sue Google for $18 million after they were forced to reveal her identity following a court order.  On today’s Write Report with Donna, we’re looking at the complexities of this case –  and the extremely nasty […]

Oh! Oprah!

Oprah Gail Winfrey… the richest African American of the 20th century… the most philanthropic African American of all time… and the world’s first black billionaire.  And now – the first woman to be hit with a TRILLION dollar lawsuit – for alleged plagiarism.  In today’s Write Report with Donna, we take a look behind the […]

Duchess The Poodle Bites Borders

Time for our weekly news round-up – dominated by Marshmallow the Bear and Duchess the Poodle, both pseudonyms for blogging employees of Borders.  They’re here to tell you what “makebooks” are.  But should they be allowed to?  Shouldn’t an employer be allowed to prevent staff from blogging critically about their business?  Also, we’re looking at […]

Women Want More Sex

…in books, that is.  Just one of the news items from this week’s WRITE REPORT, brought to you by our own Donna Ballman – she’s been globe-trotting for several weeks, but she’s back now – yes indeed!  Items and links from this week’s top stories… A new survey shows that women want more sex in […]

The Prefrontal Gym

“Every story is a new Heaven” says Brian Eno of  Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives by David Eagleman – our guest this morning.  The connection between good science and good writing is closer than you might think.  And listen out for David’s definition of “good writing” – it’s eye-opening!  Neuroscience offers untold possibilities for […]