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Pauline Black: Queen of 2-Tone

Garry’s guest tonight is Pauline Black – the charismatic leading lady of 2-Tone, the musical movement that combined the anger of punk with the joyous bounce of Jamaican Ska.  Arriving after the first waves of punk were receding, the new blue-beat bands put dancing and tunes back into pop. Pauline’s combo The Selecter were one […]

The Featherz & Infa Riot

The hungry and the hunted explode in rock ‘n’ roll bands, so sang Bruce Springsteen – and this new Garry Bushell show proves it’s still the case today. The Hungry & The Hunted erupts with real rock talent, blistering tunes and biting lyrics. Stepping up to the podium as studio guests come Bowie’s favourite newcomers […]