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Child’s Play

In the flurry of e-book and print books sales stats, we know for certain that the children’s market does not conform to the wider market’s results. Still a predominantly print-based market it is the only one of the four major BookScan categories to have year-on-year growth. Yet digital is having a big impact on the […]

There’s A Hole In My Sock Puppet

This week The Naked Book interviewed puppet hunter extraordinaire the thriller writer Jeremy Duns. Duns exposed crime-writer R J Ellory last week, and he has been seeking the truth about Stephen Leather’s anonymous accounts and activities since Harrogate. But who is he? And why does he do it? Most importantly, how does he find the […]

The Great Amazon Debate

In 1994, Jeffrey Preston Bezos left his Wall Street job to found an internet based company in his garage. The ‘bookseller’ known as Amazon sold its first book one year later.  Amazon may have marketed itself as “the world’s largest bookstore”, but its logo–an arrow leading from A to Z–was a clear indicator that its […]

The Broadcast Takeover

Television is an increasingly important area for writers and the publishing industry generally.  As the book market becomes ever more competitive, the writer’s platform has to grow in as many ways as possible… and one of the biggest platforms out there is TV.  That’s why tonight’s show is so important. The Broadcast Takeover is a […]

Buzz Cuts

More news, ruminations and legal shenanigans for writers – presented by leading lawyer Donna Ballman with literary agent Peter Cox. Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe to our shows by Email Be a wonderful human being and support us with a donation Picture by Derek K. Miller

Mountain of Lies?

Yet another author is accused of embellishing the truth in a non-fiction book – step forward Greg Mortenson, who it’s alleged exaggerated or distorted facts in his bestselling books Three Cups of Tea and its sequel, Stones into Schools. Presented by Donna Ballman with Peter Cox. Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes […]

Going Hyper

Secret prisoners… two weeks in jail for speaking to your lawyer… secret trials… where could this be?  Libya?  North Korea?  Stalinist Russia?  Not at all.  Say hello to the United Kingdom – in the age of the hyper-injunction!  Presented by Donna Ballman with Peter Cox and Andrew Gillman. Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe […]

Go Ahead, Steampunk, Make My Day!

Special guest Robert Brown of steampunk band Abney Park takes us inside the intrepid world of one of the hottest writing and music genres at the moment.  Steampunk – once a niche market – is going mainstream.  But what is its appeal – and what does it say about the zeitgeist?  As usual, Litopia After […]

A Town Called Sue

That’s what m’learned friends call London – A Town Called Sue – because it’s the libel capital of the world, where the courts have become casinos for the international rich and powerful to become… even more rich and powerful.  No book is published in Britain without much consideration being given to possible libel charges… and […]

The Right of Publicity

The Right of Publicity is your right to control the commercial use of your name, image, likeness or identity.  Fair enough, you may think – everyone ought to be able to control whether your image is used in a commercial context. Trouble is, the Right of Publicity can survive the death of the individual… and […]

Love & The Law Go Hand In Hand

Former President Jimmy Carter is sued by a pro-Israel group for writing a book they don’t like, with serious implications for all writers… how e-book royalty rates are screwing authors…  an under-the-table copyright grab by a major publisher… and on this Valentine’s day, how the law affects romance writing! Download the show as mp3 file […]

Never Mind The Marketing Bollocks, Here’s A Cup With A Knob In It

Sex toys, free iPods, key rings… apparently, some authors will sink to any depths in an attempt to boost sales for their books – but do tacky sales gimmicks like these actually work?   Writers’ conferences – great networking opportunities, or a serious fleecing for naive would-be authors?  What’s your platform – and do you even […]

Miss Rusty Provocatively Self-Published My Fairy Tale

Seriously – why do writers need publishers?  Is Amy Chua, the Joan Crawford of modern parenting, for real?  How to rig Amazon’s Kindle bestseller list… And is Freud correct in implying that art is primarily an escapist method… in an ideal world there would be no need for creative expression… or indeed, for writers?  All […]

Introducing Donna’s Domain

What do The Diary of Adrian Mole, Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose and WikiLeaks have in common?  You’ll be amazed!  Plus fake reviews… fake kisses… and ways you can use the law to give your stories more depth. Don’t forget – you can post topics for Donna to discuss in Donna’s Domain inside […]