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How to Get In Bed with Your Favorite Author

It’s great to be back with a new format and brilliant new guests… including David Whitehouse, whose first book BED is published this week and is getting stellar reviews (“Staggering, inventive and heartbreakingly beautiful” – Esquire) and the impossibly-talented Philippa Ballantine, whose speculative fiction books (e.g. GEIST) are too numerous to mention! Picture by Kaptain […]

Don’t Eidt Me, Bro!

Editors… dontcha love ’em?  Apparently not, because a growing number of writers are asking – what’s the point? And – do you (or should you) create an online persona that’s radically different to your offline  personality? It’s a great panel tonight, featuring YA author and publishing industry commentator Graham Marks, marketing and social media maven […]