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Fifty Shades of Real

Winner of the Orange Prize for New Writers, tonight’s guest Joanna Kavenna exemplifies much that’s best about new British authors: smart, savvy, sassy and scintillating.  “With her pale skin and angular features”, observed one critic, ” she even looks like Virginia Woolf”! Joanna’s latest book, Come To the Edge, is a caustic satire of the […]

The Next Best Thing To Love

Orange Prize shortlister Ellen Feldman is one of our specials guests tonight; her latest book, Next To Love, has just been published and before she flies home to New York, she popped into our London studio to tell us about the book, about her life and about the writing process.  Our other special guest, comedienne […]

Greek Seamen: A Matter of Taste

It’s serious stuff tonight (well, until the Commissioning Meeting, that is) as we get our teeth into the issue du jour… Whether authors and authors’ estates should separate their digital rights and digitally publish themselves?  This is the hottest topic in publishing right now… and as always, Litopia After Dark is well ahead of the […]

Think Yourself to Death

Is the internet a concrete realization of Jung’s collective unconscious?  Dave Bartram believes it is, and tonight advances the argument that viral advertising on the net is effective precisely because of this deep psychic connection to the gestalt consciousness. Indeed, it’s a show full of Big Ideas this evening – be careful you don’t think […]

Dave Bartram – Books That Matter

We continue our occasional series entitled Books That Matter with a guest who will be more familiar to regular Litopia After Dark listeners – Dave Bartram.  Dave has picked a book that is “possibly a perfect book” – First Light by Peter Ackroyd.  It’s a fictional meditation on the nature of history, the problem of […]