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Eyes Stop Moving

They’re putting people into MRI scanners to find out which parts of their brains are stimulated by reading.  Nothing new to LAD listeners – we covered this in 2010 and to some extent with David Eagleman in 2009 (always on the leading edge, us).  But tonight, Dr. Susan O’Doherty tells us where this research is […]

Papyrus to Pixels

We love to talk about story here on Litopia After Dark – and in particular, the impact that new media is having on its development, production and consumption.  Are we entering a Promised Land full of storytelling richness, fuelled by ubiquitous multimedia devices – or is this merely the beginning of a new Dark Age, […]

Crimes & Passion

This is, quite simply, one of our best shows to date.  Our panellists are: Ernesto Mallo whose two most recent books are Needle in a Haystack and Sweet Money, both published in English by Bitter Lemon Press. Redmond Szell whose first book ,Blind Trust, is out now. James Davis, whose first book, Noho, is published […]

The Plot Thickens

Litopia’s Crime Wave season is thickening nicely. Überauthor Peter James kicked it all off two weeks ago; last week, writers Barbara Nadel, Roger Silverwood and Chris Nickson drew us into the first chapter… and tonight, we’re going very hardcore indeed – with one author who specializes in real-life murder and other unspeakable crimes… and a […]

Mark Billingham Stole My Luck!

“I remember lying on that hotel room floor, and my heart was thumping so much I was bouncing on the carpet…” In the week that British crime writer Mark Billingham achieves his first No. 1 position in the UK charts, we’re delighted to welcome him to Litopia After Dark for an extended, in-depth session about […]

Cows, Colons & Kids

Ever bought a book because of Twitter?  Apparently, many people do… Tweets are becoming the hot new way to tout your tomes… and that Anne Robinson – is she really as horrible as she seems on TV?  We have one man who knows!  It’s a brilliantly gossipy panel tonight, featuring Colin Mulhern whose first YA […]