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Technology Giveth And Taketh Away

A federal judge has taken the rare step of ordering an author to remove from his website thousands of documents that were allegedly stolen from the Council on American-Islamic Relations – what implications does this have for non-fiction writers?  Amazon’s Kindle will not allow you to back up your electronic books on to any other […]

The Wrong Palin

Chris Christie, the new Republican Governor Elect of New Jersey, has been called out as a copyright thief – by Monty Python.  Scholastic tells an author to rewrite books to exclude a gay couple if she wants to be included in their book fairs.  And after indie booksellers announce plans to buy their books at […]

Party Pooping Potter

Did Harry Potter’s lawyers (alright, Warner Bros lawyers) act way too heavy-handedly when they recently acted to suppress a Harry Potter-style house party in London?  Press reports suggested they acted like party poopers – but on today’s Write Report with Donna Ballman, we look at the evidence and conclude rather differently. Also, there are at […]

Winnie The Pee

Life get’s stranger, doesn’t it?  And it seems that few areas are more bizarre than the publishing world.  In this week’s WRITE REPORT with Donna Ballman.  The FTC plans to require online book reviewers (bloggers… that means you!)  to disclose whether they have received free books from publishers and will be treated as “endorsers”.  The […]