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Technology Giveth And Taketh Away

A federal judge has taken the rare step of ordering an author to remove from his website thousands of documents that were allegedly stolen from the Council on American-Islamic Relations – what implications does this have for non-fiction writers?  Amazon’s Kindle will not allow you to back up your electronic books on to any other […]

The Wrong Palin

Chris Christie, the new Republican Governor Elect of New Jersey, has been called out as a copyright thief – by Monty Python.  Scholastic tells an author to rewrite books to exclude a gay couple if she wants to be included in their book fairs.  And after indie booksellers announce plans to buy their books at […]

The Land of Lost Kindles

It’s a busy Write Report today with Donna – What happens to your library if your Kindle is lost? (The answer is that thieves apparently get to keep it!)… A Portuguese judge bans a new book that says Madeleine McCann is dead – how can they do that?  And – restrain yourselves, folks – it’s […]

Fighting Dirty

A blogger who described a model as a “skank”, an “old hag” and a “psychotic lying whore” plans to sue Google for $18 million after they were forced to reveal her identity following a court order.  On today’s Write Report with Donna, we’re looking at the complexities of this case –  and the extremely nasty […]

“I Will Hate You Till The Day I Die”

It’s a bitchfest royale in this week’s news, as two mediocre authors let rip at their critics – Britain’s Alain de Botton (“a writer so grand nowadays that his entire works are written in the royal We” says the Telegraph) and American Alice Hoffman (“not an author whose work I believe can be taken very […]

Here Is The News, Again

There’s a strong digital theme in this week’s news.  In the future, Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader will display more book formats beyond its own and we should expect to see Kindle books on a lot more devices.  A US Court has ruled against text message promotion of books.  Following Apple’s claim to have sold more […]

The Prefrontal Gym

“Every story is a new Heaven” says Brian Eno of  Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives by David Eagleman – our guest this morning.  The connection between good science and good writing is closer than you might think.  And listen out for David’s definition of “good writing” – it’s eye-opening!  Neuroscience offers untold possibilities for […]

Sum by David Eagleman

“This gorgeously produced, wee sliver of a book packs an enormous punch” says one reviewer on Amazon, and they’re not wrong (Philip Pullman is a big fan, too).  Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives by David Eagleman is intelligent, speculative fiction – easy enough to read a few pages on the way to work, but […]

Put The Writer In the Box

Taking a welcome break from the Scribd story that we first broke on LITOPIA AFTER DARK nearly ten days ago, we’re again talking to highly-acclaimed British author Geoff Dyer (the Daily Telegraph calls  him “the best living writer in Britain”) whose fourth novel Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi is published this week.  Today we’re […]

The Lessons of Haggis

To conclude our week’s worth of all-time great reads, selected by John Simopoulos, Dean of Degrees at St Catherine’s College, Oxford, we end on a note of sublime levity: today’s’s featured author is Beachcomber (J.B. Morton) – an English columnist and essayist of exquisite humour…  “and I can say that with the authority of one […]

A Time of Gifts – Patrick Leigh Fermor

To kick off the new year, we have some truly stunning “must-read” book  recommendations for you – there’s no better way to profitably use up those book tokens – from the eminent John Simopoulos, Dean of Degrees at St Catherine’s College, Oxford.  Today’s featured book is A Time of Gifts:  On Foot to Constantinople – […]