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Papyrus to Pixels

We love to talk about story here on Litopia After Dark – and in particular, the impact that new media is having on its development, production and consumption.  Are we entering a Promised Land full of storytelling richness, fuelled by ubiquitous multimedia devices – or is this merely the beginning of a new Dark Age, […]

I Wish I’d Written It

The new year is a time to make dreams come true… and if you could make one authorial wish come true, what might it be?  Perhaps you’d like the ultimate rave review from a legendary author such as Stephen King, along these lines: “this one gets the writer’s ultimate bit of praise: I wish I […]

Bach to the Future

Yet another ingestion of intellect, information and insurrection on tonight’s show!  Can literature have a civilizing effect on young offenders?  At what age do women’s thoughts turn away from romance and towards crime? And most importantly, what the heck is happening to Johnny and Priscilla in this week’s impromptu episode of Magenta Divine? Here to […]

Mark Billingham Stole My Luck!

“I remember lying on that hotel room floor, and my heart was thumping so much I was bouncing on the carpet…” In the week that British crime writer Mark Billingham achieves his first No. 1 position in the UK charts, we’re delighted to welcome him to Litopia After Dark for an extended, in-depth session about […]

All My Friends Are In Hell – And There’s Enough Light To Read

Aloha! We’re back after our summer sabbatical ce soir, and it’s a true classic: Christopher Moore, Tee Morris, The Bookseller’s Philip Jones, Dave Bartram, and Catwake in the (packed out) chatroom… it’s sheer literary nirvana.  Were you there? Well, if you weren’t – at least you can listen to the recording, here. But…don’t miss out […]