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Jim Davidson: Standing Up For Himself

Jim Davidson gives his first major interview since winning Celebrity Big Brother! Cockney comic Jim Davidson was written off as a dinosaur by a younger breed of middle class stand-ups. Falsely suspected of all the “isms”, Tory-backing, troops-loving, womanising Jim had been sacked by the BBC and snubbed by TV. And when he was arrested […]

Harry Potter and the Unmarried Mother

We’re back! With more stories, more opinion and even more insight into that murky confluence that lies somewhere between the edge of publishing and the beginning of matters legal.  Big stories this show are: Sherlock Holmes is definitely in the public domain, judge rules Warning Drivers Of Speed Traps With Flashing Headlights Is Free Speech […]

Trader’s Tales 6: You Dance Like A Horse

“When I dance badly, I dance better than anybody in the world, but when I dance well – I dance like Jesus Christ!”  So said one of the greatest-ever exponents of flamenco, Antonio Gades, to Trader Faulkner – and he was right.  Trader’s love of flamenco see him share the stage with Gades at the […]