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Oh! Oprah!

Oprah Gail Winfrey… the richest African American of the 20th century… the most philanthropic African American of all time… and the world’s first black billionaire.  And now – the first woman to be hit with a TRILLION dollar lawsuit – for alleged plagiarism.  In today’s Write Report with Donna, we take a look behind the […]

Litopia Presents: Trader’s Tales

For the next two weeks, we are proud to present for your holiday enjoyment – TRADER’S TALES…recollections from a life in the arts as recounted by Trader Faulkner.  A world-class raconteur, Trader will thrill you… shock you… delight you but (mostly) have you in stitches as you follow his career from Ceramic Flats, Australia to […]

Death Comes for the Archbishop

“The greatest American novelist of the 20th century” says Oxford don John Simopoulos of Willa Cather, the author who grew up in Nebraska and is best known for her depictions of frontier life.  John recommends Death Comes for the Archbishop (1927) “nothing short of magical” he says, and when John says that, you can take […]

The Voices of Marrakesh – Elias Canetti

We’re back with another in our occasional summer series of Books That Matter, chosen and discussed by John Simopoulos, Dean of Degrees of St Catherine’s College, Oxford.   Today, we’re talking about “a sublime monster”, as John describes him – Elias Canetti, the Bulgarian-born novelist who wrote in German and won the Nobel Prize in Literature.  […]