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Something Innovative This Way Comes

Something Innovative This Way Comes

It was start-up night on The Naked Book with three of the hottest new innovators explaining how their bookish brews will charm the money, entice the publisher, and beguile the reader. Oh, and make a billion.

Representing Small Demons was Richard Nash: officially charged with saving the “book biz”, Nash is getting into his stride. Small Demons, quoth he, will “restore books to the center of the cultural universe”. Nothing less will surely do.

Unbound was John Mitchinson, formerly marketing director at Waterstones, former legacy publisher with Cassell, turned writer for QI. His inverted publishing model, where the reader pays upfront, is working out well for authors. But the money men were less easy to win over. He’s found himself loving angels instead.

Flooved founder Hamish Brocklebank had no such worries. He’s raised £500,000 for his text-book start-up. But then he had British Bull Dog spirit and a sprinkling of semantic wizardry to aid his persuasions. But what about that name? A Latin mash-up, said Brocklebank. Convinced yet?

Helping ignite the discussion were the regulars Sam Missingham and Catherine Neilan. Drinking was not mandatory. Ambition was.

Presented by Philip Jones, deputy editor of The Bookseller.

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