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Skurvi & The Rebelles

Cheap Booze, Cheap Laughs And Punk Rock

Garry’s studio guests this month are The Rebelles, lairy young punks Skurvi and Swedish rocker Sören Sulo Karlsson.

atyd-coverIan Hunter’s daughter Tracie created the Rebelles as a rock ’n’ roll harmony trio with Westworld’s Elizabeth Westwood and blues singer Phoebe White. They release their cover of ‘All The Young Dudes’ on 18 March, featuring Mott The Hoople legend Ian on backing vocals and a punk rock supergroup of musicians.

8320647-A07epBrighton band Skurvi came together through a love of cheap booze, cheap laughs and streetpunk. Their debut album is released any day now. And Sulo talks about his new album based on the raw punk poetry of Garry Johnson, Punk Rock Stories & Tabloid Tales.

Recorded in the week of BRITS Award, Garry’s line-up of tracks from the likes of The Lamplighters, Dirt Royal, Sisteray and the Poly-Esters stands as a lively alternative to the safe, sanitized industry fodder served up by ITV.

The Lamplighters

The Lamplighters
Die „Lampis“ gründeten sich zufällig als Molle und Ante, damals noch bei „Nothing Good To Eat“ und Schusti, ein „Habertzells“, an irgendeinem Samstag 2009 zusammen jamten. Ante übernahm seinen Job als Bassist, Molle enterte das Mikro und die Gitarre und Schusti kletterte an die Drums – und los gings! An diesem Tag stand mit „The Line“ das erste Stück und es kickte unheimlich bei diesen Dreien. Vom Fuß, übern Bauch bis zur Schädeldecke. Das Feeling passte; Aufbruchsstimmung lag in der Luft. Bei jeder Probe entstanden neue Songs. Schon der erste Gig im Proberaum mit Grillparty, Freunden und Bekannten und das Feedback der Leute auf die Musik, bestätigte die Meinung der Jungs, dass sie da was Kleines aber Feines am Laufen haben. Weitere öffentliche Konzerte folgten und wurden mit Bravur gemeistert.
Im Sommer gings dann nach Halle zu Peter ins ApeToMan-Studio die erste Platte aufnehmen.




Skurvi came together through a love of cheap booze, cheap laughs and punk rock. With old-school style and swagger, (Cock Sparrer, Peter and the Test Tube Babies) Skurvi deliver anthemic punk rock with power, passion and piss ups.

Wanting More



We’re Maninblack, we are, we are, we are…

We’re Maninblack, we are, we are!

Two Thousand Fifteen

Dirt Royal

Dirt Royal

Young 3 piece Rock and Roll band from Brighton writing fast in your face tongue and cheek songs about every day life problems, taking cynical to charm and humor.

Dr Weekend Mr Week

It Was You



SISTERAY have hit the ground running in 2016. After handing a CD of their new single to DJ Phil Taggart just before Christmas, he emailed them and then played it on Radio One the night after. Not bad for a gnarly two minutes of DIY punk influenced mayhem. Legendary club night This Feeling got them on board for their Big In 2016 gig in London and now the future looks very rosy indeed.

SISTERAY, songwriters Niall Rowan (vocals) and Dan Connelly (guitar) along with Mick Hanrahan (bass guitar) and Marco Polo (drums/backing vocals), have set out their intention to re-write the indie guitar rule book. They are, for want of being contentious, a working class band who are ‘engaged’.

Sisteray came together out of their shared love for bands such as The Smiths, Velvet Underground, The Clash and The Kinks. This is proven in the upbeat melodies and lyrical observations of 21st century Britain, combined with high-octane live performances that have been key to making their live shows unmissable. They have recently built up their live audience through a series of #guerillagigs, using everything within their means to persuade promoters to let them have a first on slots at shows big and small, witnessed by Subculture describing “The night began with Sisteray playing yet enough spontaneous Camden show, their effortless guitar riffs and high energy proves that the boys are a force to be reckoned with”.

This was followed by an insistence that they were allowed to curate their own headline show, where they chose the bands and DJs, it was a sell out success and will lead to more in the coming year.

The same night they played their London gig, guitarist Dan found himself on BBC and ITV News and in the papers described as musician/activist. The band wouldn’t necessarily describe themselves as ‘activists’ but are advocates of peaceful protest and putting a point of view across. On this occasion, Dan was amongst a group of Stella Creasy’s constituents in London who were not happy with her voting in the House Of Commons for a bombing campaign in Syria. Whilst he didn’t agree with her, Dan went on the record saying that bullying had no place in this debate and has had a positive direct rapport with Stella Creasy over this. That night the band made him go on stage with gaffa tape over his mouth but there was no worries, Sisteray live shows are more euphoric and fun than polemic.

Word is beginning to spread in the likes of Louder Than War, Artrocker, Subculture, Gigslutz, Time Out and The Londonist and in another statement of intent, the band have renamed their blog ‘Sisteray – The Road To Reading Festival 2016’.

A Wise Man Said

The Poly-Esters

The Poly-Esters

This Blackpool based four piece are a new, abrasive take on British Riot Grrrl with a furious mix of heavy riffs, gritty vocals and grungey roots.

The vocals are a frenetic shared affair semi-fronted by mouthpiece Syphi-Lizz (bass) giving pure, rough arsed abuse, offset by the siren sounds of the sultry Catlow (guitar) and the lovely Lola-Fenix (guitar) delivering raw burn and driving it through to the bitter end. All of this is brought together with some solid beef on drums from our little minx, Elliska.


Voodoo Kills

Voodoo Kills

Voodoo Kills is a rock n roll band from Hollywood, CA. thats gonna make your ears bleed. Listen loud!

Not Dead

Underclass UK

Underclass UK

“Last year saw Underclass UK produce an album, ‘Not In My Name’, that not only made most UK punk revivalists look tame, but put the politically and culturally apathetic contemporary music scene to shame….”

Maciej Zurowski – Melodie & Rhythmus

“Underclass UK show us just how a band is supposed to treat an audience; like a punching bag. This is one beating you won’t forget and will never regret. Released on new label Punk Lives Live, this album makes me want to swim the Atlantic and pub crawl until I find the stage Underclass UK calls home.”

Jim Dodge – Mass Movement

“With a blatantly blue collar outlook on the world, blended with a seriously street punk sound that doesn’t hide from its metal or glam roots, Underclass UK are an exemplary representative of the British street scene” About.Com

Street cleaner

Hard Left

Hard Left

Classic-sounding ’77 style punk with echoes of glam and hard mod, reference points might be SEX PISTOLS, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, GENERATION X and NEWTOWN NEUROTICS. While there’s also an Oi flavor here these guys and ladies are far from following any one scene; what sets Hard Left apart are their utopian leftist politics and the sheer quality of the tunes. Every song here is a shout-along anthem, the playing is loose without being sloppy, and the production is loud and dynamic.

Hard Left Rules OK

Wolf Bites Boy

Wolf Bites Boy

Wolf bites boy carries on from the classic early sound of Senseless, Loud, Aggressive and uncompromising.

Founded in March 2014 this Stoke/Sheffield based band has gone from strength to strength, releasing video’s, compilation albums/singles and even a movie soundtrack.

2015 included the debut album “Family isn’t always blood” released on Fight to live records and Crowd Control Media which is receiving great reviews, split singles with English/American/Spanish/French & Australian bands and…..another movie soundtrack.

Wolf bites boy’s classic Street punk/Oi style singalong songs are quickly winning fans and recognition worldwide.

2015 has been a massive year for this hard working band, who have done so much in such a short amount of time. 2016 will be even bigger and will include a split album with AggroCulture US released on Crowd Control Media and Spirit of the streets, plus the 2nd full length proper, European gigs are already booked for next year.

Fighting On

Blackmail Snaps

Blackmail Snaps

“Go check out the new Blackmail Snaps album. Quite Simply the best Rock ‘n’ Roll debut I’ve heard in years. This lot will liven up the scene and then some!”-Mick Geggus, The Crunch, ex-Cockney Rejects

“Blackmail Snaps are a great trio from the UK that combine straight-ahead classic ’70s hard rock with NWOBHM undertones. Great riffs and memorable hooks!” – Bob Nalbandian, Presenter of “Inside Metal” TV show, USA

“Thanks so much for sending your new album. It’s great! Rocks from beginning to end.” – Mark Baxter, Vocal Coach, clients include Steven Tyler (Aerosmith),

Taking their musical cues from classic acts like Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, UFO, Judas Priest, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Accept and Metallica, The Blackmail Snaps offer up a fresh, contemporary blend of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, delivering memorable songs with relentless energy. Pounding drums, rumbling bass, biting guitars and gritty vocals underpin the band’s heavy, melodic material.

A power trio in the vintage mould, the band feature David Nuttall (Drums/Vocals), Marc Hood (Bass / Vocals) and Rich Davenport (Guitar/Lead Vocals). Songs from their debut album, “When One Door Closes, Smash A Window”, have already met with an enthusiastic reception at live shows.

Although the band take their music very seriously, they’re not afraid to follow the lead of bands they grew up on, like AC/DC and Twisted Sister, in letting their infectious sense of humour shine through. This is reflected in the first single from the album, a song for anyone having a bad day, entitled “The Wheel Is Spinning (But The Hamster Is Dead)”.

Other songs deal with getting through tough times, dealing effectively with people you’d rather attack with a cattle prod, corruption in high places, and trying to emerge from all of the above with your sanity intact, all summed up in the title track – “When One Door Closes, Smash A Window!”

Their down-to-earth attitude and in your face live performances have seen them garner enthusiastic responses from a range of audiences, and they aim to carry on gigging extensively in support of the album throughout 2016.

Shameless Strangers



Psykbryt is a great Swedish punk rock band in the same vein of the Swedish legends KSMB and newer acts like BISHOPS GREEN. With their roots in the classic, world famous Swedish punk they easily can pick a fight with well known, old farts in ASTA KASK to gain the title of ”kings of Swedish punk rock”. (Whoever gave Asta Kask that title…huh?)

This 7” EP delivers four great sing-a-long tunes of high, youthful energy from this young band from Stockholm!

Available in December on 7” vinyl record and of course on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon music and Google Play!

Ni Ska Få Se

Sulo & Garry Johnson

Sulo & Garry Johnson

Sören “Sulo” Karlsson is a Swedish vocalist and songwriter, most known for being the frontman of the rock band The Diamond Dogs. In 2013, he started the English power pop band The Crunch, together with Dave Tregunna on bass (from Sham 69 and The Lords of the New Church), Mick Geggus on guitar (from Cockney Rejects) and Terry Chimes on drums (original member of The Clash also played with Generation X and Black Sabbath.

Garry Johnson was the first and the best of Britain’s street-punk poets. A former Borstal boy, his Boys Of The Empire collection brought poetry to a whole generation of working class punks and Skins. He was radical, anti-racist and anti-Establishment. His message was black and white working class youth have the same enemy and the same interests. Class was all that mattered to Garry.

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