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GBH-The Garry Bushell Hour

Son of a fireman, Garry trained under the legendary Paul Foot on the Socialist Worker – and was promptly placed under surveillance by the British security services.

They’re probably still listening.

As show business editor of The Sun, he became in Ross Kemp’s words, “the most feared critic in the business”. He’s written best-selling biographies and two gripping crime novels, and he is deeply associated with British youth cults, rock, punk and Ska bands.

Garry has discovered new talent by the bucket-load, managed bands, championed working class comics and notched up a Number One hit. His #1 rated ITV series Bushell On The Box trounced Coronation Street for audience share.

Garry also hosts THE HUNGRY & THE HUNTED – Litopia’s new and alternative music show… featuring rock and pop as it should be!

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Garry Bushell

Garry Bushell

Garry is a Taurus, as if you didn’t know

The Ruts

Widely Regarded As One Of The Greatest Punk Bands Of All Time


Shortly after the NME announced that punk was dead, The Ruts came along and proved that it wasn’t. Their driving, reggae-infused punk embodied the whole late 70s Rock Against Racism ideal. And their amazing anthems, such as Babylon’s Burning, Staring At the Rude Boys and Something That I Said carried them into the charts and […]

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The Ruts

Widely Regarded As One Of The Greatest Punk Bands Of All Time

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