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Litopia After Dark

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Litopia After Dark.
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Ian Winn

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For The Love of Film

Three Authors, Three Film Buffs, Two Directors And A Memory Of Jam...


How To Make A Movie: Have a great idea. Write a screenplay. Offer it to Hollywood (this step may take sixteen years waiting tables) Sell your soul (i.e. tarnish your great idea with two nudes, an astronaut, graphic sex, two vampires and three fart jokes) Watch the whole thing get mothballed and die in pre-production. (Despite […]

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Latest From The Octopus...

A Message to Donald


So far Litopia After Dark has not signed the petition banning Donald Trump from entering the UK. Why? We want him in our studio! Since his PR department has yet to get back to us, we appeal to the man direct: Donald, we personally assure you there will be no open flames, gotcha questions or accusations of orangutan lineage. Our question to you is this: Since the USA was founded by witch-burning religious nutbags with buckles on their heads, built by Christian nutbags who massacred the natives and owned slaves, and inhabited by Bible Bashers, Mormons, snake-handlers, Scientologists and other people in funny hats, how is banning people from entering the country based on religious grounds not, in fact, UnAmerican? We’ve saved you a chair…

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For The Love of Film

Three Authors, Three Film Buffs, Two Directors And A Memory Of Jam...

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