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Peter Cox, Founder

The Debriefer

The Inside Scoop On Legal Poop.

The Debriefer

From Shakespeare to Grisham, every author knows that the courtroom provides some of the most compelling drama ever conceived.

So twice a month, Litopia turns its attention to real-life legal drama – the sort of cases that interest us… and will fascinate you.

Presented by leading lawyer Donna Ballman in Florida and literary agent Peter Cox in London, we aim to give you a truly international perspective on issues that matter.

And, frankly, on matters that just plain tickle us.

If justice is blind, then we’re your seeing-eye dog!

Your Hosts

Donna Ballman

Donna Ballman

Bill Clinton’s General Counsel in Florida for his first presidential campaign
Peter Cox

Peter Cox

London literary agent & Litopia capo famiglia

The Sensitive Billionaire

The More Money You Get, The Thinner Your Skin Becomes


The latest news, gossip and comment from the sharp end of the publishing world, brought to you by Donna in Florida and Peter in London.

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