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The DeadPool

Defunct They May Be, But True Glory Never Dies...

We’ve been around for such an astonishingly long time now, that some of our earlier shows are no longer with us.

It’s always sad to see a show expire. But wait – are they really dead? No!  Because here they are, for you to enjoy – just as fresh as on the day they were first conceived! Or transmitted. Or whatever it is that first brings a cute little baby podcast into this world!

Faded glories… noble experiments… and sometimes wholly madcap ideas that barely survived for one or two outings. In the DeadPool, you can fish around to your heart’s content in Litopia’s early history…

The Naked Book

nakedbook-FINAL“This was a terrific show”, says producer Pete, “and I’m sorry it ended. For a time, we were able to paint a picture of an industry on the cusp of transition – the publishing business, as it painfully and often messily moved into its new and deeply uncertain digital future. Publishing is a bit like military intelligence – most of it is conducted in secret, and all the interesting stuff is unattributable. For a brief moment, we were able to take the wraps off, expose it to daylight, and persuade the key players to talk extremely candidly. It was a defining moment.”

Presented by industry expert Philip Jones, editor of The Bookseller, The Naked Book ran roughly every fortnight on Litopia. Billed as the show that rips the covers off print books to find out what lies beneath”, The Naked Book attracted thousands of listeners from across the publishing firmament. “From DRM to Pottermore”, claimed the show, “ we’ll be setting the agenda for the new age.”  And it did – until corporatism finally rumbled what we were doing.

Open House

openhouseA seriously idiosyncratic, extemporaneous and frequently hilarious Sunday afternoon show on Litopia, Open House was basically a live phone-in, Skype-in or chat-in – dedicated to extreme word games.

“A live weekly foray into the more recondite realms of the writers’ mind”, it proudly boasted. And indeed, the chat room was fairly buzzing with dendrites overheating.

Could it perchance return?

Might we once again thrill to the Church of Anagasm, marvel as the chat room creates spontaneous clerihews, and delight at an unexpected ditloid?

Well, never say never…

Along with these shows, you’ll find other, even more obscure, items below.

Enjoy your digital archaeology!