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The Debriefer

The Inside Scoop On Publishing Poop

The Debriefer with Donna Ballman

From Shakespeare to Grisham, the courtroom provides some of the most compelling drama ever conceived.

So twice a month, Litopia turns its attention to real-life legal drama – the sort of cases that interest us… and will fascinate you.

Presented by leading lawyer Donna Ballman in Florida and literary agent Peter Cox in London, we aim to give you a truly international perspective on issues that matter to writers.

And, frankly, on matters that just plain tickle us.

Justice is blind, they say.  In which case, The Debriefer is your seeing-eye dog!


Your Hosts

Donna Ballman

Donna Ballman

Florida Lawyer and Author of "Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired" and "The Writer's Guide To the Courtroom"

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Peter Cox

Peter Cox

London literary agent & capo famiglia


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