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The Hungry and The Hunted
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Latest in The Hungry & The Hunted:

Skurvi & The Rebelles

Garry’s studio guests this month are The Rebelles, lairy young punks Skurvi and Swedish rocker Sören Sulo Karlsson. Ian Hunter’s daughter Tracie created the Rebelles as a rock ’n’ roll harmony trio with Westworld’s Elizabeth Westwood and blues singer Phoebe White. They release their cover of ‘All The Young Dudes’ on 18 March, featuring Mott […]

Burning Books
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Litopia After Dark
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Latest in Litopia After Dark:

For The Love of Film

How To Make A Movie: Have a great idea. Write a screenplay. Offer it to Hollywood (this step may take sixteen years waiting tables) Sell your soul (i.e. tarnish your great idea with two nudes, an astronaut, graphic sex, two vampires and three fart jokes) Watch the whole thing get mothballed and die in pre-production. (Despite […]

GBH-The Garry Bushell Hour
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Latest in GBH:

The Ruts

Shortly after the NME announced that punk was dead, The Ruts came along and proved that it wasn’t. Their driving, reggae-infused punk embodied the whole late 70s Rock Against Racism ideal. And their amazing anthems, such as Babylon’s Burning, Staring At the Rude Boys and Something That I Said carried them into the charts and […]

The Debriefer
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Latest in The Debriefer:

The Sensitive Billionaire

The latest news, gossip and comment from the sharp end of the publishing world, brought to you by Donna in Florida and Peter in London.

The DeadPool
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Latest in The DeadPool:

Child’s Play

In the flurry of e-book and print books sales stats, we know for certain that the children’s market does not conform to the wider market’s results. Still a predominantly print-based market it is the only one of the four major BookScan categories to have year-on-year growth. Yet digital is having a big impact on the […]

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