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Riff-Raff, Rebels & Rock Gods

A Journey Through The Wildest Years Of British Rock

A funny, outrageous & nostalgic romp through the wildest and craziest years of British rock. Available either as a paperback, eBook or audiobook brilliantly narrated by the author.

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Ozzy Osbourne

“Gary Bushell was like a Dad to me” – Ozzy Osbourne

Lars Frederiksen, Rancid

“No hype, no bull – Garry Bushell’s writing saved my life” – Lars Frederiksen, Rancid

Steve Harris, Iron Maiden

“Garry caught what Maiden are about, he got us completely” – Steve Harris, Iron Maiden

Take the most exciting generation of musicians in the history of rock. Add a legendary rock journalist. And you have RIFF-RAFF, REBELS & ROCK GODS!

Live The Dream!

Survive The Nightmare!

montage3It was a defining moment in the history of rock. A unique explosion of awesome talent, bands, and revolutionary ideas. At the heart of this unprecedented explosion of punk, metal and rock was SOUNDS magazine. And at the heart of SOUNDS was your narrator – Garry Bushell.

Like his idols, Garry lived every day as if it was his last. Which very often, it nearly was. Fed heroin by Hanoi Rocks. Going to chokey with the Angelic Upstarts. Having his eyebrows shaved off by Ozzy Osbourne. All in a normal day’s work for Gal.

Join Garry as he takes you on an extraordinary journey to the roots of modern street music. Meet the monsters. Live the dreams. And survive the nightmares… if you can.

Featuring A Legendary Cast

  • The Angelic Upstarts
  • Cockney Rejects
  • Hanoi Rocks
  • Iron Maiden
  • Judge Dread
  • Max Splodge
  • Rainbow & Ritchie Blackmore
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Rose Tattoo
  • The Exploited
  • The Selecter
  • The Specials
  • Twisted Sister
  • ZZ Top

We acknowledge with great appreciation music tracks generously contributed to the audiobook version of RIFF-RAFF, REBELS & ROCK GODS by Twisted Sister, Iron Maiden, Max Splodge, The Cockney Rejects, The Exploited and The Angelic Upstarts. We are grateful to Nick Welsh for the theme tune and incidentals.

Read It – Listen To It – Live It!

RIFF-RAFF, REBELS & ROCK GODS is yours in a variety of formats – Kindle, paperback book and also as an unabridged audiobook narrated by Garry himself. Click the link below to shop at the retailer of your choice.

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