Shiny Bits In Between by Georgina Key

Is it ever too late to start over?

Dorie has given up on life and shuts herself off from the world, preferring to be alone with her books and her thoughts. When she unexpectedly receives an invitation to her ex-husband’s wedding, she retreats to the only place she finds any solace—the sea.

Meanwhile, Clementine, a young artist overwhelmed by grief, makes a journey in search of her lost boy. Teetering on the edge of madness, she wanders up and down the Texas Gulf Coast, trapped in a space between reality and dreams.

Fate brings both women to a small rural community by the sea where together they begin a journey of transformation through connection with self, community, and the landscape they begin to call home.

Shiny Bits in Between is ultimately a story of hope—through Dorie and Clementine’s strength and resilience, we learn that it’s never too late to press our own reset button and transform into who we are meant to be.

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Reviews & Endorsements

One of the greatest pleasures I found in reading this book was the opportunity to be so vividly and fully present in such a compelling place. I’m fascinated by the specter of a small, laid-back, tight-knit island community. Jessica Wilbanks, When I Spoke in Tongues

This novel, deeply grounded in the landscape and rhythms of its particular sandy stretch of Gulf Coast, intertwines two stories of female loss. As the mystery of the connection between these stories unspools, you will be pulled deeper in, as if by an undertow. Because in these compelling stories of loss lies the possibility of renewal, both for the characters, and for ourselves. Kimberly Meyer, The Book of Wanderings

A beautiful tempest of heartache and healing. Tex Thompson, Children of the Drought

With a beauty for language and a strong sense of place, Georgina Key captures Bolivar Peninsula the same way Delia Owens captures the marshes of the North Carolina coast in, Where the Crawdads Sing. A story of awakening in luscious prose. Maria Merrill, I’m Not That Kind of Gal

 I thoroughly enjoyed this book and felt transported to a corner of Texas with which I was only vaguely familiar. The specificity of language and the poignancy of the story lit up the peninsula for me, and I’m sure that when I next visit Bolivar, I’ll see the words coming alive again in the ocean, wildlife, and residents. Erin McGuff-Pennington, “American Quartet” Filmelodic

Shiny Bits In Between is a novel about grief and forgiveness of self and others. It is a novel about living again. Maurine Ogbaa, “Goodbye” AGNI

Shiny Bits In Between is written so vividly it becomes a part of who you are. It’s a story of the coming together of two souls through madness, compassion, and fate. Georgina takes you to that heavy place deep in your chest where you feel longing and loss. But she gently leads you with the smell of the ocean and the breeze of Bolivar to a new place of promise and light. Pour yourself a glass of wine and settle in for a great read. Sandra Poole

When reading Georgina Keys’ words, there is a comforting sense of having your hand held while being guided through the intimate landscape of what it is to be human and vulnerable. Lori Cassady