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Secret Affair: Time For Action!

Gogo, not pogo

This is the time, the time for action!

Along with The Jam, Secret Affair were the most popular of the British Mod Revival bands of the late seventies  and early eighties.

Like the Specials, the young Essex band’s sound was rooted in sixties music, but whereas the Specials were firmly grounded in bluebeat, Secret Affair’s took their musical cue from Tamla Motown and Stax. And their cynicism?  Well, that came from direct exposure to major labels… as you’ll hear in tonight’s show.

Ian Page & David Cairns of Secret AffairTwo incredible albums – “Glory Boys” and  “Behind Closed Doors” – cemented the band’s reputation and led to them gracing the front cover of Sounds (cover story written by our Gal!)  NME, Smash Hits and Melody Maker.  Singer Ian Page’s vision of a new street-savvy teens called Glory Boys found a ready audience… and their tunes did the rest.

As the first wave of punk receded, the new Mod bands braved rock press put-downs to put dance back into the charts. Secret Affair’s motto was “gogo, not pogo”. Their debut single, ‘Time For Action’, sold 198,000 copies in the UK alone; ‘My World’ did just as well and their first three albums went Top Ten.

As their latest sell-out UK tour comes to an end, Ian and guitarist Dave Cairns tell Garry about the highs – and the scary lows – of their glory years.

timeforactionInterested in Mod Britain and its far-reaching legacy? Then buy Garry’s definitive book, TIME FOR ACTION – an affectionate history of the rise and fall, rebirth and lasting influence of the Mod Revival as it happened.Signed and/or personalised copies available for £12.99 including recorded delivery (UK)

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