Mishka by Mike Maroney

Natasha is staying with her grandfather in Horridgrad – a town full of criminals and corrupt officials, ruled by Ivan the Horrid.

To cheer her up, her grandfather buys her a snow white puppy. She calls him Mishka. Mishka grows to be big and brave. He foils a post office robbery and saves some children from drowning.

Soon he is helping scare all the thugs from the streets. Everyone feels safer with Mishka around. But Ivan is not about to let the ‘Big Dog’ ruin his racket. When he discovers Mishka’s secret he plots to use it to get rid of him for good.

Published by Talisman

Reviews & Endorsements


Semi-Finalist – 2021 The Kindle Book Awards

Quarter-Finalist – 2021 BookLife Prize “An inspiring, intriguing, and sweet story.”

Silver Medal winner – 2020 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest

“This is a pretty near-perfect animal action-adventure…Mishka wholeheartedly deserves to be recognized as a modern children’s classic.” Primary Times magazine

“An inventive treat, with humour, heart, and a hint of magic.” Kirkus Reviews.

“An inspiring tale of hope, courage and fellowship, featuring an old war hero, his clever granddaughter, and one exceptional “puppy”.” Reedsy Discovery 5 star Must Read.

“Mishka is wonderful read. While “Mishka” is a good novel for middle grade kids. Younger, advanced readers will also enjoy the story of the hero dog. The story has a cozy heart, light humor, and a present day tone with a hint of yesterday.” 5 star KidsLit Review.

“Mike Maroney’s young people’s novel, Mishka, is a fun read. With a crime-fighting hero like Mishka, there are plenty of adventures: stopping a bank robbery, rescuing children who have fallen through the ice into the freezing water, and so much more.” 5 star Readersfavourite review.

“Mishka is a beautiful story that all children will enjoy and reread.” The Country Bookshop.