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Mik Whitnall, Chris Pope & Damon Coles

The Ebola Of Corporate Pop Music!

Mik Whitnall is best-known as the lead guitarist with Pete Doherty’s Babyshambles, but before that he cut his teeth in the rated Ska band 100 Men. Here Mik talks about his new Ska project 1969 OK who will be on the road next year.

Also joining Garry in a packed show are Chris Pope of Pope, one of the best songwriters to come out of the 1979 Mod Renewal, Damon Coles, who performs live in the studio, and via Skype 2-Tone legend Rhoda Dakar.

DSC_0002 -1As usual, the show also includes new music from the hottest new bands around including the Bar Stool Preachers, Eight Rounds Rapid, Buster Shuffle, The Q, Voodoo Sioux, and The Friends Of Luca Brasi, plus songs from Menace, Richie Ramone, Nick Welsh, The Filth FC, Barking Irons…and as a change from all that filth and fury, singer-songwriter Shabsi Mann whose melodic numbers are influenced by Punjabi folk and 60s garage rock.

Remember, whatever music you make, if you’ve got talent we want to hear from you.

Photo by  Ben Reyes

The Bar Stool Preachers

The Bar Stool Preachers

The Bar Stool Preachers are a brand new band out of Brighton town. Blending 2-Tone and Street Punk in a way that no other bands seem to be doing right now, they’ve played a small number of gigs in the South of England and are gearing up to play shows up and down the country soon. With 2 singles out on YouTube being watched and shared across Europe and the rest of the world, The Bar Stool Preachers are gaining a real momentum, and they can’t wait to bring their music to more people everywhere.

One Fool Down

Eight Rounds Rapid

Eight Rounds Rapid

We are a four piece group from Essex who make a noise that other groups do not. We value the English language and have no interest in pastiche.


Richie Ramone

Richie Ramone

“Richie saved the band as far as I’m concerned. He’s the greatest thing to happen to the Ramones. He put the spirit back in the band”Joey Ramone

The legendary punk drummer (and notoriously the fastest drummer in The Ramones history) Richie Ramone has confirmed his first series of UK and European shows this coming November* and December.

Before the month long run of shows commences (including the UK, Spain, France and Italy* – tba) Richie will release a new single / music video in November – the title track from his album ‘Entitled’.

I Know Better Now

Voodoo Sioux

Voodoo Sioux

Voodoo Sioux are a bass driven, hard rock band from the West Midlands, UK.

Pillow Talk

Nick Welsh

Nick Welsh

Nick Welsh is one of the busiest and most prolific ska musicians of all time – it’s fair to say that much of the ska music that has been produced and performed in the UK over the last few decades has Nick’s fingerprints on it somewhere.

We Are The Jacamo Skins

F**k Off Christmas!

The Q

The Q

“The Q” come to you straight from the center of the world – (Gloucester!) and deliver music with a hook you can’t stop singing, killer guitar riffs, cracking snare & a bass that’ll hit you like a mule kick to the gut – what more could you want!

W take our inspiration from the same well of soles that the likes of “The Jam”, “Secret Affair” and even “The Who” did. If you see “The Q” live you’ll see a performance reminiscent of the bands behind their inspiration, powerful, energetic and memorable.

We’ve been lucky enough to have worked with two of the UK music industry’s top producers: Greg Haver, (The Manic Street Preachers, Bullet For My Valentine, Super Furry Animals, Melany C, Catatonia and many more..) and Vic Coppersmith-Heaven, (The Jam, The Vapors etc…).

The Social

Chill Pill

Shabsi Mann

Shabsi Mann

Having worked with many musicians across France, Spain and the UK over the past ten years, Mann has now consolidated her efforts into a solo endeavour which does justice to the subtleties of her compositions. In Lamp Post Sunrise, Qawaali music and post-punk sit side by side as key influences for an autodidact like herself who does not see musical boundaries as some others may. Canigou takes a more cinematic instrumentation, a love song dedicated to a zinc mountain in the Pyrenees region, while Penny of Time’s poignant lyrics humoursly point to struggles between the creative imperative over all the challenges thrown in one’s way.

Penny of Time



Menace formed in August 1976 when singer, Morgan Webster, met school friends Noel Martin, Charlie Casey and Steve Tannett at the Hope and Anchor pub in Islington. Their first gig at the now legendary Roxy was attended by Miles Copeland from Step Forward and Illegal Records who signed Menace straight away… The end finally came in late 1979 when after lack of interest from the record companies (due to their records being banned) and a lack of interest from the music press (possibly due to the working class ethics and the working class background of the boys in the band)… Menace’s last single Final Vinyl with the classic songs Last Years Youth and Carry No Banners, which lift the reputation of the band up another notch. After the split up the reputation of Menace continued to grow worldwide…

So Fuck You

The Filth F.C.

The Filth F.C.

Authentic south Kent street punk since 1996


Buster Shuffle

Buster Shuffle

London’s Buster Shuffle are one of those rare musical delights – a truly one-off band, not trying to be part of any scene, just writing the brilliantly catchy songs that come naturally, and people who hear ‘Naked’ are gonna love it. Mixed by the former protege of megastar Adele producer, Paul Epworth – the much-in-demand Jamie Ellis (Florence & The Machine, The Rifles) – you can hear shades of class Britpop acts like Blur and Supergrass, along with elements of the effortlessly charming ska pop of Madness, but it’s Buster Shuffle’s unique, unmistakable charm that steals the show. – See more at:


Friends Of Luca Brasi

Friends Of Luca Brasi

5 like minded geezers back in the ring. Old enough to know better, just young enough to be better… and having a ball sonically kicking the bollocks off all & sundry. Stand up, join up and get on the end of that…

Screwed Up World

The Barking Irons

The Barking Irons

The band started in 2012, mostly as a jam session. Mike Barnum (guitarist for Lonesoldier) got us all together basically to fuck around and see what we came up with. It began as mid-paced Oi!, but that shit was putting Ken to sleep. Nothing is fast enough for that asshole. After about 6 months of “what if we played this faster?” we had officially become a punk band. Since then, Mike has bowed out due to real world obligations (job, family) and has been replaced by Dave, who adds some cool Bad Religion influenced shit to our songs. Haystacks is always plotting to turn us into a hard rock or metal band, Ken is always trying to make us play faster and dirtier, and Brian gets ideas for beats and fills from Brittany Spears (seriously). It’s a pretty dysfunctional clash of styles, but it works for us. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t. Maybe go fuck yourself. We are the Barking Irons.

Sovereign Nation



Chris Pope first composed his perceptive, razor sharp vignettes on the British way of life in the late ‘70s as the guitarist with Deptford Mod-Punk four-piece The Chords.

Brave New World

Get Into London Town

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