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We rely on positive word-of-mouth to attracts listeners to our shows.  Please take a moment to help spread the word!


Immediately under each show’s title, you’ll see the recognisable Facebook “Recommend” button.  Clicking on this is one of the best ways to instantly let your friends and contacts know about us and our shows. It takes no time and no effort – and really helps us!


Litopia’s tweets are award-winning and well-known for being directly useful and pretty entertaining, too!  So please, do follow us.  Be the first to know when a new show is released – simply click here to follow us.

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Radio Litopia’s Widget is a clever little device you can easily display on your blog, Facebook or MySpace page – or on any other website.  It automatically displays the very latest Radio Litopia shows and makes it easy for listeners to find us.

Installing it is pretty easy – simply click on the “Get Widget” button and follow the instructions.

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Similar to our Widget, but not quite as big or detailed.  Again, really easy to install – just click the “Grab this…” link and follow the instructions.

Radio Litopia

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Radio Litopia

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If you appreciate what we’re doing on Radio Litopia each week, please post a 5-star review for our shows in the iTunes music store.  That is one of the easiest, highest-impact ways for you to help us grow our audience.

It’s very simple to post a review:

  • Open your iTunes program
  • Open the iTunes store
  • Search for Litopia

On our page, look for the review link. Write one or two sentences, rate our show on a scale of 1-5 and you’re done.

Or just click this link to go directly to our Litopia page on iTunes:

That’s the fastest way to help increase the visibility of Radio Litopia in the biggest directory out there.

Write About Us

There’s no better way to tell people about Litopia than to, er, tell people about us.  We appreciate any mentions in your blog, your tweets, or elsewhere.  If you want to write in more depth, please use the contact form to get in touch and we’ll try to help in any way we can.