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In The Land Of The E, The Glassy-Eyed Are King

In The Land Of The E, The Glassy-Eyed Are King

Imagine if you will the final moments of Bugsy Malone, as reinvented for radio. That was this week’s Naked Book with authors Ewan Morrison and Barry Eisler slinging pies across Skype, as they sought to articulate a future for authors with or without publishers.

Attempting to bat them out of the park was cricketer and agent Piers Blofeld; while host Philip Jones, played umpire. “If you all talk at once no-one will hear you scream.”

The subject, as if it mattered, was whether the e-self-publishing bubble was about to burst, drenching everyone in its sticky frothy sputum. A view Morrison has expounded in two widely-read Guardian blogs.

For Scotsman Morrison though this has quickly become an “ideological battle” to preserve the status of our publishers, against a “predatory American monopoly”, that is being expounded by “glassy-eyed” neo-cons, such as Eisler.

Could we stick the topic? asked Jones.

Amazon is a huge shark, threatening everyone, googlied Blofeld.

And Eisler, just a beamer from Bezos?

“It’s just ridiculum,” countered the American, accusing Morrison of using straw-men arguments, a view backed by co-host Sam Missingham.

It’s just not cricket, wailed Catherine Neilan from the chat-room on the boundary. Just pick up a pie, and fling it, advised Jones.

“Out” shouted show supporter Porter Anderson.

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