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How to Listen

We offer a bewildering variety of ways to listen to – and indeed sometimes even watch – Litopia’s shows.

Before you lose the will to live, let’s just say that none of this is as complex as it looks. You don’t need a degree in rocket surgery. In fact, all you need is a computer or smartphone… which you’ve obviously already got, or you wouldn’t be able to read this!

Most of our shows are available as audio podcasts.  You can listen to a podcast anywhere you want to, at a time to suite you.  Maximum flexibilty!

But what is a podcast…?  Alright, let’s explain…

All About Podcasts

Here’s a quick video from NPR’s Ira Glass explaining all about these podcast thingies…

Obviously, when Ira says, “search for Serial…” you can simply search for “Litopia After Dark“, “Burning Books“, or any other show that Litopia produces!

There are so many great podcasts out there for you to discover. Not just Litopia’s shows, but thousands of others – across virtually every area of interest. Even one for fans of Lance Armstrong.



iPod, iPad and iPhone

Got an iPhone? All Apples devices come with free software for podcasts, called… Podcasts!

Here’s a short video showing you what to do.

Apple’s free Podcast app is not the only way to listen on your iPod, iPad or iPhone, Mac or Apple Watch. In particular, there’s a really good independently-produced app called Downcast… many people think is better (and easier) than Apple’s own app:




If you have an Android phone, there are several good podcast apps too. Here’s a review of various apps for for both iOS and Android. Links are to Overcast (for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch) and Pocket Casts (for Android and iOS).


And Now… The Feed!

You may hear podcast folk talk about their “feed”. This isn’t because they’re hungry all the time (although surprisingly, some are really ravenous).

Every podcast has its own “RSS Feed“. If you’re using a podcast app to listen to our shows, you probably will never need to know about “the feed”, because the app takes care of that sort of thing behind the scenes. You can use the app to search for a show (e.g. “Litopia After Dark”) then just click to subscribe and listen.

However, should you ever need the show’s Feed itself, it’s right there, on every show page, just click on the RSS symbol (RSS stands for Really Simply Syndication):


And this is what the RSS symbol looks like, a bit bigger… you’ll notice it all over the web:


PS… You might be thrilled to learn that we also have one big, juicy meta-feed for ALL Litopia’s shows! Here’s the link: