Grave Deceit

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Author: Casey King
Genre: Crime Fiction
In the criminal world, everyone is guilty of something. After a failed hit and subsequent murder of a detective, Danielle Lewis returns to Dublin in search for those responsible. An ongoing simmering feud between the Flynn and Lewis families, over control of Dublin’s drug trade, threatens everyone’s safety, and when Danielle’s cousin, Dean, is shot, warfare erupts. Set against a backdrop of betrayal and deceit, Danielle must wade through this turf war to find the answers she’s looking for.
About The Author:
Casey King is an avid reader and Irish crime writer. She has a Diploma in Policing Studies and over twenty years’ experience with the Irish police force. Throughout her career, she worked on various gangland operations and drug investigations. She liaises with writers on proper police procedure, including best-selling authors, Catherine Ryan Howard on her award winning novel, 56 Days, and Catherine Kirwan’s, Cruel Deeds. One of her own unpublished novels received an honourable mention in Amazon Publishing/Capitol Crime New Voices Award 2021. Casey has a Higher Diploma in Coaching/Coaching Psychology from University College Cork and is currently undertaking a Masters in Mindfulness Based Wellbeing. Catch her on Twitter @letstalkcrime

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