Gates to Nowhere

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Author: Simon Nagel
Genre: Speculative Fiction
As the lone mortician of Corona, New Mexico, Don Dupree has seen it all when it comes to funerals. At least that was the case… until John White’s body arrives at his doorstep with no record of birth or death certificates. Strangest of all is the disoriented next of kin Yuxi, who Don suspects has never even heard of a funeral. After the worst embalming of his career, Don discovers John White is something beyond human, and he is about to host a funeral of intergalactic proportions.
About The Author:
I’m an American that now lives in the U.K. with my partner and our rambunctious Chihuahua Terrier mix. My background is in screenwriting. I’ve sold and optioned scripts but my love has always been for books, so on one particularly rainy Scottish afternoon I sat down and finally wrote one. I currently work as a Europe-wide consultant for developing Artificial Intelligence personalities. I also write poetry and short stories that have appeared in indie lit pubs like Maudlin House and HAD.

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