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Electric River

The Band That Makes Garage Rock Cool Again!

THEY have been called Britain’s answer to the Gaslight Anthem, but on this month’s show Electric River prove that they have enough great songs to stand up on their own feet.

The Kent-based trio, who cite Frank Turner, The Clash and the Foo Fighters as influences, are managed by Garry’s other studio guest, Eugene Butcher the man behind modern rock magazines Big Cheese and Vive Le Rock.

They perform three live acoustic tracks in a show full of tasty tunes from Loaded 44, the Mutha Luvin Chimps, India’s Ska Vengers, the Dead Shed Jokers, Insane Society with Garry Johnson, Rats From A Sinking Ship, Crashed Out, The Swindells, The Deckchairs, Headlong, The Off White, The Gonads, The Cathode Ray, 208 Talk Of Angels, and the enticingly named Meth Binge Masturbators.

You don’t get acts like this on Britain’s Got Talent

Loaded 44

Loaded 44

The ass-shakin’ punk rock band from the North East of England….  With a sound that has been compared to “Blondie meets the Ramones”,  Loaded 44 will blow you away with their dynamic live shows, featuring ex Lurkers & Steve from The Angelic Upstarts.


Mutha Luvin Chimps

Mutha Luvin Chimps

MLC have a sound that harks back to the buzzsaw riffs of Buzzcocks, the pure pop sensibilities of the Undertones, back through the Ramones and a bit of The Jam thrown in for good measure. A sound that took the Members, SLF and many others into the nations living rooms via Top of the Pops.

Bubblegum? Dum Dum Punk?

It’s Mutha Luvin Chimps!

Not Blind

Ska Vengers

Ska Vengers

The Ska Vengers are an eight-piece ska band from New Delhi, India.  They’re kicking up a rumpus over there and they’re about to do the same here.  Have a listen: they’ve honed their sound into the sassiest, tightest, funniest, liveliest, punkiest rocksteady jazzy dubby ska you’ll have heard in years.
They’re not amateurs, either.  Ska Vengers’ first album, released in 2012, was mixed by music producer Miti Adhikari, who has also worked with Foo Fighters, Radiohead and Coldplay.  The same year, the band staged the largest rock concert ever held in an Indian prison, donating $5000 worth of music and sound equipment to the jail in an event that was reported worldwide They made international news again last year with a song and video they released to coincide with the Indian general election, ‘Modi, a Message to You’, and are now working on their second album, expected this September.


Dead Shed Jokers

Dead Shed Jokers

Dead Shed Jokers play rock music that hints at the masters of yester year whilst staring intently at the future. Reviewers have found reference points for their sound from artists as diverse as Zeppelin, Neil Young, Zappa, QOTSA, Tool and Mars Volta. Classic Rock magazine have twice featured them on cover mount cd’s, and they have supported Saxon, Anvil, Phil Campbell of Motorhead and The Graveltones (who even kipped at their house….and aided their attempt to drink Wales dry of rum!) They have twists and turns and big riffs…there’s never a dull moment with Dead Shed Jokers and April sees the release of their new, self-titled album, and a tour of the UK.

Rapture Riddles

Exit Stage Left

Insane Society

Insane Society

A bunch of ‘erberts from Tunbridge Wells. We are the equivalent of the medieval minstrels telling tales of modern England to those who listen. Welcome to Inequality Street.

National Service

Electric River

Electric River

‘The result of youthful energy and a healthy list of influences that culminate in all round catchy as hell numbers, fused with heavy handed melodies and social commentary. Bags of passion and heaps of power.’ – Big Cheese / Rocksound Magazine

This Garden Will Grow

South Of The River

Keep The Engine Burning

The Swindells

The Swindells

Formed in 2008, The Swindells are a Leeds-based punk rock band. Support slots with the likes of (UK Subs, 999 & Chelsea) have been numerous & a great laugh, up to press.

The band has just released a second self financed CD entitled Oaf Rock and, in the best traditions of DIY punk bands, they are doing an appalling job of promoting it themselves!

Attached is a link to one of the 13 tracks from Oaf Rock entitled: ‘Wasted Generation’; a track the band also contributed to Vive Le Rock magazine’s April/May ’15 covermount CD.

You can catch The Swindells opening up for the Angelic Upstarts at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds on Saturday 11 July. If you can’t wait that long or won’t be in the area, have a nosey on the band’s website:

The CD is currently only available from the website.

Wasted Generation

The Deckchairs

The Deckchairs

We have just released our second EP, UR and started the year with Woodford folk fest. This year we are plan on keepin it local for a while before heading to Canada again in our winter months.

We’ve been touring solidly since we released our first CD Some Stanger’s Ship in 2008 across Aus and into Canada a bit too. We’ve done a butt tonne of festivals and shows all over because we really believe in creating music that asks the listener to become part of what we are doing. That means that we probably wont ever go platinum but if you choose to watch, really listen and use your own experience to interpret our music you might have the most amazing time – we really do.

We do this for the love of music and the culture of community that results. The Deckchairs are for everyone but don’t take with one hand and withold with the other. Please contribute in anyway you can in our communities and social groups to engage people, challenge people and inspire real thinking. We dont need to stay quiet.

She's So Hot



Headlong have been growing in and around the London modern rock music scene since they formed in Sidcup in 2012, building a repertoire of vibrant, powerful, feel-good original songs, based around infectious hooks and a wry sense of humour, reminiscent of groups such as the Foo Fighters and Oasis.

Why You Gotta Be Like That

The Off White

The Off White

THE OFF WHITE is a fuzzed-out garage rock from in Long Beach Island, NJ. Consisting of brothers/guitarists Justin and Sean Jones along with Drums/Vocalist Pat (Patty Bones) Brenner and Bass man Mike Bongi. These four characters drew their inspiration from living on a lonesome barrier island in southern New Jersey with no one but cops, retirees and closed beach marts to speak of. Yet they manage to create Psychedelic Punk drenched in Rock and Roll debauchery. The Off White just returned to NJ after their first tour to with stops in Asheville, Nashville, Austin (SXSW), Houston,Charleston to name a few, they are also planning a summer tour as we speak.

You Never Listen To Me

The Cathode Ray

The Cathode Ray

The Cathode Ray return with a new single ‘Resist’ taken from their forthcoming Album ‘Infinite Variety’.  At just over two minutes long, ‘Resist’ is short and snappy, a sort of crazy punk rock/krautrock oompah hybrid. “Like Wire kicking Blur up the arse” as one critic has already put it.

Originally based on a loose concept of forging late seventies New York, with late seventies Manchester, The Cathode Ray started life in 2006, initially as a song-writing collaboration and “a bit of fun” between Jeremy Thoms and ex-Josef K frontman, Paul Haig. The songs written were swift to adopt their own unique stamp and personality.

Adding sixties garage, soundtracks, glam rock, northern soul, disco and psyche to the palette, recording sessions ensued, with ex-Bluebells and TV21 bassist NeilBaldwin, plus drummer/percussionist David Mack completing the line-up.

The band’s double ‘A’ sided single entitled ‘What’s it all About?’/’Mind’ was released in late 2006 on Pronoia Records and received extensive radio play.  It was hailed as Single of the Year by Radio Clyde DJ and Sunday Mail columnist Billy Sloan in his round up of 2006.

A second single, ‘Slipping Away’, released in April 2009, led esteemed journalist Paul Lester to proclaim it Single of the Year (so far) in an enthusiastic piece in The Guardian.

Just prior to the release of ‘Slipping Away’, Paul Haig quit the project not wishing to be associated with any band project again aside from Josef K. With Thoms assuming all lead vocal and song-writing duties, former Scars/Mike Scott accomplice Steve Fraser joined on lead guitar and backing vocals.

2010 saw The Cathode Ray making their live debut with well received shows in Edinburgh and Glasgow. They have since built up a solid live reputation with more gigs in and around Scotland including an appearance at The Wickerman Festival in 2012.

The band’s eponymous debut album was finally released in April 2012 through Stereogram Recordings and featured high in the end of year roundups on the Manic Pop Thrills, Penny Black Music, The Sound Project and Jock’n’Roll websites. The single ‘Dispersal’ was Track of the Month in April 2012 on the influential Janice Forsyth Show on BBC Radio Scotland.  The band have spent the intervening two years writing and recording new material for their second album ‘Infinite Variety’ released on April 20th.

“‘The Cathode Ray’ is an exhilarating, magnificent experience.” PENNYBLACKMUSIC

“Spry debut from Scottish post punk veterans”

UNCUT 6/10

“‘The Cathode Ray’ is, simply put, a cracking record.”


“An exciting journey, which takes in the sights of surf, glam and retro-futurism along the way.”


“Jeremy Thoms’ bands do not disappoint”


 “The Cathode Ray? Well and truly switched on.”


“Absolute quality – this deserves some attention.”


“The album itself is a resounding success.”


“They simply go from strength to strength.”


“Gently bobbing, new wave/post punk, sparky, sprightly, exceedingly catchy” MUDKISS FANZINE


208 Talks of Angels

208 Talks of Angels

The band “208 Talks of angels” was created in 2006 by Anthony Fadeyev and Vladimir Romanchenko, who decided to join their efforts for the search of new music concept and new extraordinary sound. The word “angel” has no religious implication, but is just the translation of Greek “aggelos” that means herald, messenger. This word is used within the music concept that contemplates exploration and adoption of something new, progressive and state-of-the-art. The presence of number “208” is still the secret, but someday it will be revealed. The style of “208 Talks of angels” can not be characterized in usual way for the reason that there is an great number of styles mixed and interrelated, as for the most interesting things are always located at the joint of the cultures. Musicians themselves define their music as III – Independent Individual Intellectual. For other people it may sound like the symbiosis of Alternative Rock, Classics, Industrial, Ballad, Ethnic, Progressive, Electronic, Break Beat, Ambient and many others.

The Spiral of Silence

Meth Binge Masturbators

Meth Binge Masturbators

A band influenced by early AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, Slaugher n Dogs, early Cocksparrer, The Sweet, Slade, the Bay city rollers. First downloadable album available free at soundcloud, a collection of lust fuelled ditties – the Art of perversion.
Second album, a collection of blues and 60’s grooves… still in production. Everything we do is free, including toot sweets and lollipops.

Peeping Tom

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