Cliff Davis and the Big Blue Dark

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Author: Steve Wiest
Genre: Science Fiction
In 2042, climate change is devastating – society is in a rapid decline – entertainment technology is the new religion – and a jazz composer holds the keys to planetary salvation. Follow Clyf Davis and his friends as they race across the People’s Continent in the hopes of reaching the safety of the recluse nation of Sagan. Equipped with an ancient secret from Nikola Tesla, if Clyf can outsmart a relentless assassin and make it to Sagan first, the world, the arts, and society has a chance…
About The Author:
I am a multiple Grammy-nominated jazz composer, trombonist, cartoonist, and university professor. While music is my main focus amidst all of my other creative endeavors, I have found that prose-birthing is a real passion for me. While I have written chapters, articles, and blurbs for a number of musical publications, journals, recorded projects, etc, Cliff Davis and the Big Blue Dark will be my first solid attempt at getting a novel published. To find out more about my extensive activities as well as my stellar resume of happy successes thus far (no brag, just fact) check out my web site:

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