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Peter Cox

Child’s Play

In the flurry of e-book and print books sales stats, we know for certain that the children’s market does not conform to the wider market’s results. Still a predominantly print-based market it is the only one of the four major BookScan categories to have year-on-year growth.

Yet digital is having a big impact on the children’s entertainment space. Children have access to mobile phones, games consoles, TVs and tablets and they are being stimulated and distracted like never before.

On The Naked Book we asked two children’s publishing experts for a drill-down. Is ePub3 the way forward for illustrated children’s books? Or should publishers focus on re-imagining their books as apps?

Lindsey Mooney, UK vendor manager for Kobo, talked about the company’s exclusive research based on Kobo customers: specifically how parents and children were reading digitally.

Eric Huang, director, new business & IP acquisitions at Penguin Books, talked e-books, apps, and how Penguin was redefining what it means to be a book publisher.

Presented by Philip Jones, Editor of The Bookseller, assisted by Sam Missingham.

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