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Dark Hunter Vs Shadowhunter

The latest news and gossip from the sharp end of the publishing world, brought to you by Donna in Florida and Peter in London. Photo by Gage Skidmore

The Ruts

Shortly after the NME announced that punk was dead, The Ruts came along and proved that it wasn’t. Their driving, reggae-infused punk embodied the whole late 70s Rock Against Racism ideal. And their amazing anthems, such as Babylon’s Burning, Staring At the Rude Boys and Something That I Said carried them into the charts and […]

The Icelandic Book Flood

What the hell is going on with publishing? Lots of empty opinion, hype, doom saying and general noise. Cutting through to the signal is difficult – but heck, that’s what LAD does best! So tonight, we bring you an author, a leading industry expert and a publishing rain-maker (oh yes) to cut through the cacophony […]

Just A Man And His Will To Survive

Mike Huckabee tries it on with the “Rocky” guy – not a smart move, you’d think – but Mike is apparently a person of great faith. Some judge in Delaware goes on a fishing expedition like he’d never heard of the First Amendment. What will UK lawyers do now that libel tourism has dried up? […]

The Adversary – Emmanuel Carrère

In the quiet Jura region of France, a physician goes completely haywire in a series of crimes that are hard for his friends and acquaintances to grasp. But then their grasp loosens further. And disappears altogether. Because the man at the centre, the man they thought they knew, turns out to be a dangerous and […]

The Best Track Of The Year

What a brilliant year for street music! Our Best-of-the-Year show could easily have been twice as long… but we had to cut it down to twenty stunning tracks, all of which you can sample tonight in the company of Garry’s two highly-opinionated panellists, Shona Wattsie Watts and Jonny Wah Wah. We’re here to support indie […]

BREAKING – H&H Shortlist Announced

So here it is – the shortlist for THE HUNGRY AND THE HUNTED’S best track of the year show. It was a terrific year for indie music, and we’re proud to have encouraged and featured so many exciting new bands. Join us this Saturday at 6pm, when we announce the Best Track of the Year… […]

My Name is Asher Lev – Chaim Potok

Tender Asher Lev has a gift – he can draw exceptionally well – and a drive to be an artist. Everyone around him has a drive to make him into a leader in the Ladover Hasidic community, spreading the word of Ladover Hasidism to the far corners of the world. Something has to give. It […]

The Year’s Midnight

As the winter solstice passes, Litopia After Dark becomes Litopia After Darker. it’s time for festive cheer, certainly. But it’s also the moment when the fabric (sorry) between our nightmares and our waking world is at its thinnest. A time for cosy hibernation, yes– but also fear, depression and real-life demons. Especially in the days of glowing rectangles when the lights […]

The First Page Seminar

We’re kicking off 2016 with a free seminar for all Litopians (but only Litopians, please). The topic is: THE FIRST PAGE. In other words… how do you start your book? Simple enough, you may think… just sit down a start writing… right? Well, yes – that’s what most people do. And that’s one reason why […]

Money, Medicine & Marijuana

This year Colorado is expected to generate $125 million in tax revenue from legal marijuana sales.  In the first full year of legalization Colorado homicide rates have dropped by 24%. Medically, the (preliminary) research is in: while cannabis has been shown to have deleterious effects on developing minds, it has also been proven to treat a whole host of medical conditions. […]

Morality Play – Barry Unsworth

Monk on the run in 14th Century England has more to worry about than building himself a time machine to get out of 14th Century England. Obviously kidding about the sci-fi bit because this is Barry Unsworth. The book is the time machine. The moral of the story is less story, more moral. Photo Douglas […]

All The King’s Men & Nicky Weller

She ran the Jam’s fan club as a 14-year-old school-girl, and this year Nicky Weller co-curated the superb ‘About the Young Idea’ exhibition dedicated to the band and their era at Somerset House. Paul’s younger sister talks about that, her new book Growing Up With The Jam, and her extraordinary father John. Garry is also […]