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Bad By Nature

It’s our second day of hearing directly from some of the most successful and acclaimed writers of the 20th century: did you guess who today’s subject is?  Here’s another clue: In 1939, he deliberately severed the last joint of his left little finger, right at the knuckle, to impress a man with whom he was […]

Straight To The Top

This week, we’re doing something rather different on Litopia Daily… Peter will be examining some of the most successful authors of the past century, and asking – what can we learn from their successes?  Today, it’s two top British women authors – one is the best-selling writer of all time, the author is merely No. […]

Are Writers Flaky?

One of the reasons that writers are, as a whole, having a hard time at the moment is that they’re flaky – they make bad economic decisions because they get bored quickly; they trust people they shouldn’t; and they go with their guts rather than with their brains.  True?  Or a caricature? Today’s Eve’s Salmagundi […]

The Velvet Rope

Valerie Plame Wilson – a former CIA agent whose unmasking led to the conviction of former Vice President Dick Cheney’s top aide has lost an appeal to declassify parts of her memoir.  The only winner in this case appears to be her publisher, Simon & Schuster – who will publish the selfsame Dick Cheney’s memoirs […]

Someone’s Impersonating Me!

A really good question for Peter today about authors’ names – what  happens if you discover that there’s another author out there with exactly the same name?  And… Peter wants to ask you a question about book clubs… did you ever belong to one?  And whatever happened to them?  The answer could be more important […]

Question Time

It’s an impressively long Question Time for Peter today – nearly half an hour of accumulated questions from authors covering a wide variety of topics.  Are two books better than one when it comes to writing a proposal? What’s an agent thinking when they request the full manuscript? Should you try out your big new […]

Crushed Dreams

Do editors know that they hold authors’ dreams in their hands?  An anonymous blogger, who purports to be a children’s book editor, believes that authors should toughen up.  “When you receive a rejection letter and feel your dreams being crushed”, she says, “BE AWARE: it’s YOU crushing your dreams.”  True?  Or just heartless ranting? Eve’s […]

Technology Giveth And Taketh Away

A federal judge has taken the rare step of ordering an author to remove from his website thousands of documents that were allegedly stolen from the Council on American-Islamic Relations – what implications does this have for non-fiction writers?  Amazon’s Kindle will not allow you to back up your electronic books on to any other […]

Blood & Editing

Is the standard of editing in publishing getting better? Peter believes that, despite suspicions to the contrary, it may actually be improving.  And are there any areas of a manuscript that an editor should never be allowed to infiltrate?  Editing can be (and usually is) a positive and necessary process for every writer, but there […]

Adapt Or Die

The great publishing houses of the past face an enormous challenge today: adapt to the new  publishing reality or perish. In today’s Daily, Peter looks at one of the huge issues that may well sink some household names – the question of cultural change within the company itself. [audio:ld/ld_316.mp3] Download the show as mp3 file […]

The Wrong Palin

Chris Christie, the new Republican Governor Elect of New Jersey, has been called out as a copyright thief – by Monty Python.  Scholastic tells an author to rewrite books to exclude a gay couple if she wants to be included in their book fairs.  And after indie booksellers announce plans to buy their books at […]

Writers As Slaves

Peter gives a brief update on current developments in the Colony; when will all the construction work end?  And then, he tackles a subject that’s looming large on the writing horizon – the way in which writers are increasingly being used as slave labor.  Maybe writers are their own worst enemy? [audio:ld/ld_314.mp3] Download the show […]

Live From The Canarian Islands

Eve’s Salmagundi Club comes to us live and direct from Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, where it’s an impressive 90 degrees (London is shivering in damp grey mist). But doesn’t the eternal sunshine of paradise get a bit boring eventually?  Not if you’ve brought some holiday reading!  Eve and Richard gives us a run-down of […]

Party Pooping Potter

Did Harry Potter’s lawyers (alright, Warner Bros lawyers) act way too heavy-handedly when they recently acted to suppress a Harry Potter-style house party in London?  Press reports suggested they acted like party poopers – but on today’s Write Report with Donna Ballman, we look at the evidence and conclude rather differently. Also, there are at […]

It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Who You Know Knows

Monday’s Eve’s Salmagundi Club features an insightful straw poll that sheds some light on the myth (or is it?) that it’s incredibly hard to get a book published without having prior connections within the industry.  Does cold querying work in this day and age?  Find out! [audio:ld/ld_311.mp3] Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe in […]