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Writers As Slaves

Peter gives a brief update on current developments in the Colony; when will all the construction work end?  And then, he tackles a subject that’s looming large on the writing horizon – the way in which writers are increasingly being used as slave labor.  Maybe writers are their own worst enemy? [audio:ld/ld_314.mp3] Download the show […]

Live From The Canarian Islands

Eve’s Salmagundi Club comes to us live and direct from Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, where it’s an impressive 90 degrees (London is shivering in damp grey mist). But doesn’t the eternal sunshine of paradise get a bit boring eventually?  Not if you’ve brought some holiday reading!  Eve and Richard gives us a run-down of […]

Party Pooping Potter

Did Harry Potter’s lawyers (alright, Warner Bros lawyers) act way too heavy-handedly when they recently acted to suppress a Harry Potter-style house party in London?  Press reports suggested they acted like party poopers – but on today’s Write Report with Donna Ballman, we look at the evidence and conclude rather differently. Also, there are at […]

It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Who You Know Knows

Monday’s Eve’s Salmagundi Club features an insightful straw poll that sheds some light on the myth (or is it?) that it’s incredibly hard to get a book published without having prior connections within the industry.  Does cold querying work in this day and age?  Find out! [audio:ld/ld_311.mp3] Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe in […]

Oh No, it’s SuperInjunction!

Friday’s WRITE REPORT with Donna Ballman continues to monitor the fallout from the infamous Trafigura case: the Swiss multinational sought and obtained an injunction in Britain’s notoriously libel-friendly courts that effectively prevented the media from reporting the proceedings of the Houses of Parliament!  Maybe its time to bring a little democracy back to the country […]

A Reality Check Concerning The E-Book

The noise inside the publishing industry about the e-book is almost deafening.  It’s close to accepted wisdom amongst many publishers that the e-book is set to replace the “traditional” book as the dominant means of publishing – sooner rather than later. Yet, with so many unresolved issues concerning this new medium, is this a sensible […]

Our Great Leap Forwards

Peter’s is here today to report on the latest developments inside the Colony: it’s all change as the new Litopia website has been unveiled, and inevitably, there are some teething problems.  Listen to get up-to-date with the latest news about our biggest leap forward yet… [audio:ld/ld_308.mp3] Download the show as mp3 file Subscribe in iTunes […]

Raining on Your Own Parade

Before the regular show notes: just a quick update on the main Litopia site – work went well yesterday, but there is still a fair amount of ground to cover today (Monday) before the new site will be up and running.  Keep watching/listening to this space… And now, today’s show notes. What sort of impression […]

Pigs Might Fly

You would be excused for being heartily sick and tired of hearing about the Google Book Settlement, but… pay attention for another few minutes this morning, if you don’t mind – this is important, and it will probably affect you.  Also in today’s Write Report with Donna Ballman, we’re talking about the libel suit that […]

A Thousand Words

If it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words (and the case has not been conclusively proven either for or against) then what are we to make of the current Flash Fiction contest in the Colony that invites writers to concoct a story evoked purely by one black and white photo?  In today’s […]

Winnie The Pee

Life get’s stranger, doesn’t it?  And it seems that few areas are more bizarre than the publishing world.  In this week’s WRITE REPORT with Donna Ballman.  The FTC plans to require online book reviewers (bloggers… that means you!)  to disclose whether they have received free books from publishers and will be treated as “endorsers”.  The […]

Should You Have Sex With Your Editor?

David Letterman did it.  So did Elliot Spitzer, Bill O’Reilly and scores of others (yes, it happens in the UK too, but their antiquated libel laws are often used to conceal the sordid facts).  So – does it happen in publishing?  And – if you’re an author, should you ever consider sleeping with your editor […]

The Best Opening Lines Ever

On today’s Eve’s Salmagundi Club we’re looking at opening lines.   How important are they really – can they make the difference between a hit and a miss?  Is “Call me Ishmael” really the best opening line of any novel (the editors of American Book Review think so).  Peter and Eve discuss what works and what […]

Writers of the World, Unite!

Time for our weekly review of the important news from the wild and wacky world of publishing… courtesy of Donna Ballman’s WRITE REPORT.  Today, we’re considering how the Society of Authors intends to take “urgent collective action” against the cuts in author advances, which reports suggest are being slashed by as much as 70%.  We’re […]

Pardon Us While We Change

The new Litopia website will soon be unveiled, and it’s the biggest leap forwards we’ve yet had in our seven-year history of being the best writing community on the net.  In today’s Daily, Peter explains some of the things that have been happening behind the scenes, and what you can expect to see from October […]