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R.J.Ellory – A Quiet Belief In ‘What-If…’

You’ll recognize him as one of Britain’s leading thriller writers, author of the multi-million seller A Quiet Belief In Angels and ten other award-winner novels.  But you may not know much about the extraordinary personal story of tonight’s guest R.J. Ellory – a life that is just as thrilling and moving as anything in his […]

Mexican Pork Cloud

This week we have breaking news on the Google book scanning case. We also talk about why blogging about your story plot might get the attention of the CIA; the latest on the antitrust suit against Apple and publishers; how Verizon is protecting your right to piracy; censorship gone wild in Malaysia; good news for […]

Hang On A Minute That’s My Work You Are Talking About

It was the clash of the old and new on The Naked Book, with Richard Mollet, chief executive of the Publishers Association, having a proper playground scrap with two “new media” folk over copyright. Mollet has recently turned on ‘copyright eroders’, such as The Pirate Party and the Open Rights Group, accusing them of briefings […]

Eyes Stop Moving

They’re putting people into MRI scanners to find out which parts of their brains are stimulated by reading.  Nothing new to LAD listeners – we covered this in 2010 and to some extent with David Eagleman in 2009 (always on the leading edge, us).  But tonight, Dr. Susan O’Doherty tells us where this research is […]

Vigilante Justice, YouTube Style

This week we talk about states jumping on the bandwagon to sue for eBook price fixing; a book that’s been banned in multiple states; a blogger who demands what’s due him; piracy running rampant as eBook sales increase; how Facebook may be censoring your comments; and how the UK plans to reform libel laws. Presented […]

China Takes The Biscuit (And Everything Else)

What the heck happened? We are now living through – and suffering from – the greatest financial crisis since the 19th century. But it wasn’t supposed to be like this.  Our guest tonight, City Editor of the Daily Mail, Alex Brummer, has written a book which traces our gradual descent into this mess. Way back […]

Something Innovative This Way Comes

It’s start-up night on The Naked Book with three of the hottest new innovators explaining how their bookish brews will charm the money, entice the publisher, and beguile the reader. Oh, and make a billion. Representing Small Demons was Richard Nash: officially charged with saving the “book biz”, Nash is getting into his stride. Small […]

A Defining Moment

In this show: why the publishing industry is angry that the Pulitzers snubbed fiction.  And quite possibly the biggest story we have ever covered – the U.S. Justice Department lawsuit against publishers for “conspiring to end e-book retailers’ freedom to compete on price”.  Truly momentous times for the publishing business. Presented by leading lawyer Donna […]

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

How do you feel about the future?  Fifty years ago, most views would probably have been rosily optimistic: our faith in science to solve the most pressing problems was mostly untarnished, and our belief in politicians to take wise and beneficent decisions not quite threadbare.  Today, the clouds of doubt assail us from every quarter. […]

Nigel West: Spies, Lies & Chocolate

This special video edition of Litopia After Dark features acclaimed espionage writer and expert, Nigel West.   “His information is so precise” writes The Sunday Times “that many people believe he is the unofficial historian of the secret services.” Nigel’s controversial books invariably hit the headlines. His greatest coup was tracking down the wartime double agent […]

The Porn Supremacy

In the week that Microsoft bought a fifth of Barnes & Noble’s digital businesses, and we learned that e-books sales grew 360% in the UK last year, we thought at The Naked Book we’d ignore all that – and focus on ‘mummy porn’. Why?  Well, it was the public wot did it. Four pence in […]

Said The Cabbie To Jeremy Hunt…

What with Leveson, Hunt, Murdoch… to say nothing of a double-dip recession… there’s way too much bad news around… so enough already! When life gets excessively glum – it’s time for us to dig out Litopia’s infamous Ant Game… which is exactly what we’ve done tonight, for your aural bliss. We’re delighted to be joined […]

Philip Reeve: Spike & Spook Go To The Moon

Philip Reeve is one of the godfathers of steampunk (although today he’s somewhat allergic to that word) with his massively successful Mortal Engines series.  One of the most enduringly popular of all YA authors, Philip’s fans are everywhere – especially in our chat room tonight, as they bombard him with questions!  His most recent book, […]

Shiny, Happy, Publishing People

As the great circus of publishing delights that is the annual London Book Fair disappears from view for another year, this week’s The Naked Book finally found out what it was all about. Just Be Positive. And Happy, of course. It might seem difficult: the Department of Justice has banned dinners. James Bond has defected […]

Our Man In The Cold

Tonight’s show is a real-life thriller: featuring espionage, double-dealing, murder and even a dash of Hollywood.  And a British ambassador who sees things he shouldn’t – and decides to tell the world. Sounds like the plot of a movie?  Craig Murray‘s amazing story has already been optioned by producers – if you can’t wait to […]