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Said The Cabbie To Jeremy Hunt…

What with Leveson, Hunt, Murdoch… to say nothing of a double-dip recession… there’s way too much bad news around… so enough already! When life gets excessively glum – it’s time for us to dig out Litopia’s infamous Ant Game… which is exactly what we’ve done tonight, for your aural bliss. We’re delighted to be joined […]

Philip Reeve: Spike & Spook Go To The Moon

Philip Reeve is one of the godfathers of steampunk (although today he’s somewhat allergic to that word) with his massively successful Mortal Engines series.  One of the most enduringly popular of all YA authors, Philip’s fans are everywhere – especially in our chat room tonight, as they bombard him with questions!  His most recent book, […]

Shiny, Happy, Publishing People

As the great circus of publishing delights that is the annual London Book Fair disappears from view for another year, this week’s The Naked Book finally found out what it was all about. Just Be Positive. And Happy, of course. It might seem difficult: the Department of Justice has banned dinners. James Bond has defected […]

Our Man In The Cold

Tonight’s show is a real-life thriller: featuring espionage, double-dealing, murder and even a dash of Hollywood.  And a British ambassador who sees things he shouldn’t – and decides to tell the world. Sounds like the plot of a movie?  Craig Murray‘s amazing story has already been optioned by producers – if you can’t wait to […]

The Narcissistic Personality Disorder of Facebook

This week we talk about why you shouldn’t expect a check for your Huffington Post blog; why you may never be able to write a cookbook, use your checkbook or book a flight again; why you might be hanged if you’re too uppity on Facebook; how to lose $1 million and still keep your job; […]

Bringing Up Baby

Launching a virtual world, ahem, ‘experience’, it’s easy street. Just ask Pottermore’s Charlie Redmayne who revealed exclusively on The Naked Book that his site had shifted £1m worth of Harry Potter e-books after three days. But don’t be fooled. As Anna ‘not virtual’ Rafferty, m.d. of Penguin Digital, explained – launching a web-world is like […]

Papyrus to Pixels

We love to talk about story here on Litopia After Dark – and in particular, the impact that new media is having on its development, production and consumption.  Are we entering a Promised Land full of storytelling richness, fuelled by ubiquitous multimedia devices – or is this merely the beginning of a new Dark Age, […]

A Severe, Prolonged Misunderstanding

She’s a scholar of Latin and ancient Greek, and admits to being a recovering stickler.  He’s a lexicographer and dictionary editor; a profession which ranks as one of the sexiest on Earth (that’s what the chat room says, and who are we to disagree?).  Together, Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett host one of the ‘net’s […]

Smaug The Dragon Sues Hobbit

This week we’ll be talking about an agency that has agreed to stop discriminating against older writers; a big company that has dropped attempts at censorship; a TV show that has copyright issues; allegations of censorship at the London Book Fair; whether Twitter might run afoul of UK libel law; a TV show that a […]

Digital Rights Moratorium (or How We Learned To Mom-Proof E-Books)

It will become known as the night the moms finally killed off Digital Rights Management. Or how publishers learned to feel the fear but did it anyway. The first ever broadcast of The Naked Book heard from two big names in the e-book business explaining why that bit of code that prevents readers from sharing […]

Jeffrey Archer: The Archer Still Has Two Fingers

With 270 million copies of his books in circulation, Jeffrey Archer can justly claim to be one of the world’s all-time bestselling novelists.  From his first book way back in 1976 – rejected by fifteen publishers – to his current worldwide hit The Sins Of The Father – his writer’s journey has been a wild […]

When Good Lawyers Go Bad

This week we talk about how the world is about to change for ebooks in a big way and why we need to be worried, a presidential candidate who thinks he can use your work without paying, a suit over bogus takedown notices, copyright versus patent lawyers in a major showdown, something you need to […]

Green Chilblain Shrews

He’s worked with Bjorn and Benny from ABBA, orchestrated the music for Inspector Morse, conducted some of the world’s greatest orchestras and his dance music has been played by the likes of Sasha, John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold and Nick Warren.  Matthew Slater is a professional composer, and in tonight’s fascinating show, he takes us for […]

Donna Is Sheriff For A Day

This week we talk about Amazon taking its name a little too seriously, why Paramount wants a Mario Puzo screenplay to sleep with the fishes, a trademark battle over an ape man, putting pirates out of business, and why a new version of Sherlock Holmes is anything but elementary. Plus, we talk about why your […]

Million Dollar Voice

BJ Harrison is doing what many authors dream of doing; he’s made a huge success out of recording and selling audiobooks on the net. What’s even more amazing – the texts he reads and sells are public domain and out of copyright.  With seven million downloads, he’s obviously doing something right.  BJ’s reading of The […]