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Viva Le Pink

She’s the love child of Marilyn Monroe and Ziggy Stardust, and Kiria Le Pink is simply one of the most exciting artists on the UK’s newly-revitalized rockabilly scene. Working with Camden’s legendary producer Phil ‘Doyley’ Doyle the North London singer-songwriter is intent on making one of the earliest forms of rock’n’roll vital and sexy again. […]

Jim Morrison : Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre

From Axl Rose to Sharon Osbourne, legendary rock journalist Mick Wall knows them all. A world-class raconteur, Mick joins Garry tonight for an evening of absolute rock nirvana. Mick’s story is a real-life Almost Famous with balls on. And goats. And many, many other substances. What a long, strange journey it’s been! Stopping-off points include […]

The Nature of Blood – Caryl Phillips

A novel that includes displaced persons, new countries, war, Cyprus, the OED, Venice, Blood Libel and Othello – this should be sweet. So why does it all taste so healthy? Caryl Phillips sucks all the sugar out of what should be a thrilling experience. Why? Granola. Photo by Ivan Lian

Bez, A Twenty-Four Hour Party Political Person

He’s a threat to democracy, as dangerous as ISIS, and keeps bees. He’s a freaky dancer, a maestro of the maracas and a brewer of fine old, traditional ale. Oh yes – and the icon that is Bez from the legendary Mancunian band Happy Mondays also wants to be your MP. Garry’s guest tonight is […]

The Cosmic Trigger

Ian’s guests tonight are Daisy Eris Campbell and John Higgs who are bringing Robert Anton Wilson’s cult classic The Cosmic Trigger, The Final Secret of the Illuminati to the stage. Impossible?  Well, when you consider that this nonfiction and partly autobiographical work covers, amongst many other topics… Freemasons, Discordianism, Sufism, the Illuminati, Futurology, Zen Buddhism, […]

Darkness at Noon – Arthur Koestler

One man goes against the system he helped create and the results are not encouraging. Koestler fictionalizes the Moscow Show Trials of the 1930s, where parts are fused onto the whole and the whole is broken into parts. A masterful novel. Picture by Alex Cairncross

The World According to Mal Peet

Mal Peet is widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest British writers alive. His books have won many awards, and reviews range from the merely enthusiastic to the ecstatic. A deeply creative writer, Mal joins us tonight to chat about the writing process, tar-grouted macadam, nano-drones and Tolkienism. Oh, and also his newly publishing […]

Three Faces of War –The English Lady

She does her job with typically understated bravery. To meet her, you might think (for a moment) that this headscarved and very English lady is, perhaps, a headmistress, a rose grower or possibly something a bit nebulous in the arts. But this is Lindsey Hilsum. The woman for whom the expression sang-froid might have been […]

Gone Girl Stalks Reviewer

Nick Dunne reports that his wife, Amazing Amy, is missing… no, sorry – that’s the wrong storyline.  Or is it?  Maybe the zeitgeist is right for the rise of the female sociopath? Listen and decide! Links to stories covered in this episode: Vivienne Westwood accused of plagiarism of her own life-story Author Gets A Bad […]

How How Became a No-Way No-How

“The… case is thick with irony” says the NYT of today’s featured legal folly– “one company is accusing another of stealing its platform for ethical behavior.” Also – should children be protected from their parents’ childhood trauma? The British courts say – yes. Philip Larkin, in his memorable poem This Be The Verse, would presumably […]

Mik Whitnall, Chris Pope & Damon Coles

Mik Whitnall is best-known as the lead guitarist with Pete Doherty’s Babyshambles, but before that he cut his teeth in the rated Ska band 100 Men. Here Mik talks about his new Ska project 1969 OK who will be on the road next year. Also joining Garry in a packed show are Chris Pope of […]

Soul of the Hooligan

Football hooligans! The words are enough to strike terror into the hearts of the upstanding middle classes and have entire towns boarded up and quaking with fear. Garry’s guest has more than a casual acquaintance with the subject. Dougie Brimson, a former hooligan himself turned bestselling writer, is an expert. Join us tonight as we […]

Margaret Thatcher Revenge Porn Facebook Terrorist Shocker

Why is it wrong to kill a dead person in your fiction? Why should British judges decide if your writing is funny – or not? Why should the police approve your tweets before you post them?  Donna and Peter explore these and even more reality-bending topics in this edition of The Debriefer. Links to other […]

Hygiene and the Assassin – Amélie Nothomb

Morbidly obese misery of a writer – and Nobel Laureate (topical) – more than meets his match in the slender and deadly Nina, who conducts the last interview of the writer’s life. Secrets are dredged up and, in a twist, it is pretty. Keep your daggers handy. This is going to get nasty.  Photo by […]

Lars Frederiksen: Growing Up Punk

Rancid are one of the world’s biggest ever punk bands. Formed in California in 1991, they have sold more than four million albums worldwide. Vocalist and guitarist Lars Frederiksen has been with them since 1993, and he also fronts his own streetpunk band The Old Firm Casuals. Son of a Danish mother and an Italian-American […]