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Lube Up For Falafel-Eating Love Honnies

News is so weird these days, we swear it’s more like 50 shades of greys… What The FAA’s Newly Proposed Drone Rules Mean To Journalists Swedish Cartoonist Lar Vilks Sent Into Hiding After Copenhagen Attacks Denmark Under Lockdown After Shootings In Copenhagen Leave 3 Dead  50 Shades Of Censorship Wiltshire Police Apologise After Asking For […]

What Would Boo Radley Do?

Another terrific Debriefer, full of insider poop from the pub biz and informed speculation about everything else! Harper Lee to Publish Sophomore Novel Taylor Swift Owns 1989 ‘American Idol’ Winner Files Bold Legal Claim to Escape ‘Oppressive’ Contracts South Florida Man Seeks Trademark on Slogan ‘Je Suis Charlie’ Sold-out Charlie Hebdo issue coming to Barnes […]

Attack of the Tax Resistors

When US and UK forces invaded Iraq in 2003, millions of people took to the streets to protest – to little effect. The bombs of Shock and Awe kept falling. By some estimates the civilian death toll stands at over 150,000. Like many people, tonight’s guest David Gross had a crisis of conscience. And yet […]

What A Malarkey…

Egmont USA to Close After Sale Attempt Falls Through Christian publisher pulls heaven book after boy retracts story Human rights lawyer in Tajikistan jailed for nine years  Racial Discrimination Act would outlaw Charlie Hebdo cartoons, say critics  City of Paris to sue Fox News over on-air comments  West Virginia Delegates consider adding journalists to list […]

Roger Scruton – The Last Englishman

What does it mean to be a conservative in 2015? Garry’s guest tonight is Professor Roger Scruton, one of England’s leading philosophers and the author of How To Be A Conservative, along with many other provocative and intelligent books which question the dominant left-liberalism of modern Western thought. The son of a working class Mancunian […]

Rhoda Dakar: Cleaning In Another Woman’s Kitchen

Rhoda Dakar is one of the UK Ska scene’s feistiest characters, making her mark originally with the Bodysnatchers and then with Jerry Dammers in the Special AKA. Rhoda’s talent, intelligence, and heartfelt socialist ideals made her stand out from the pack. Like Dammers, she wanted 2-Tone to mean more than a good time…cue songs like […]

The Song Of The Year Show

So here it is… our special, annual Song Of The Year Show… in which Garry and guests review the very best tracks submitted to us in the past year and – without fear or favour – pick the most excellent example of indie music in the history of the universe. Or something like that. Garry […]

Terrorists 1, Enlightenment 0

World leaders march arm-in-arm in Paris in support of free speech. Meanwhile, back at home, our freedoms are eroded almost daily. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety” predicted Ben Franklin, who knew a thing or two about the political mind’s unquenchable thirst for […]

Shantytown – César Aira

Fall forward into one of the stranger stories you’ll encounter this year – or any other. Maxi, a young man from the middle classes of Buenos Aires, collects used cardboard, lifts weights, busts a drug ring, but can’t seem to surprise a sleeping street kid. Makes sense, right? No? Who cares – no plot outline […]

Jimmy Jones – The Original Alternative Comedian

Without doubt, Jimmy Jones is the biggest British comedy star never to have had his own television series. For five decades, Jimmy has been Britain’s most successful live comedian – performing around 275 sell-out live shows every year. Jimmy’s life in comedy is the subject of Garry’s show tonight – and what a life it […]

Viva Le Pink

She’s the love child of Marilyn Monroe and Ziggy Stardust, and Kiria Le Pink is simply one of the most exciting artists on the UK’s newly-revitalized rockabilly scene. Working with Camden’s legendary producer Phil ‘Doyley’ Doyle the North London singer-songwriter is intent on making one of the earliest forms of rock’n’roll vital and sexy again. […]

Jim Morrison : Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre

From Axl Rose to Sharon Osbourne, legendary rock journalist Mick Wall knows them all. A world-class raconteur, Mick joins Garry tonight for an evening of absolute rock nirvana. Mick’s story is a real-life Almost Famous with balls on. And goats. And many, many other substances. What a long, strange journey it’s been! Stopping-off points include […]

The Nature of Blood – Caryl Phillips

A novel that includes displaced persons, new countries, war, Cyprus, the OED, Venice, Blood Libel and Othello – this should be sweet. So why does it all taste so healthy? Caryl Phillips sucks all the sugar out of what should be a thrilling experience. Why? Granola. Photo by Ivan Lian

Bez, A Twenty-Four Hour Party Political Person

He’s a threat to democracy, as dangerous as ISIS, and keeps bees. He’s a freaky dancer, a maestro of the maracas and a brewer of fine old, traditional ale. Oh yes – and the icon that is Bez from the legendary Mancunian band Happy Mondays also wants to be your MP. Garry’s guest tonight is […]