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Pop-Up Submissions, 16th December

On today’s Pop-Ups there’s YA fantasy from Andrew; Humorous Women’s Fiction from Rachel; YA Alternate History Adventure from Andrew; Superhero fiction from ST; Horror/thriller from Matt and fantasy from Pete.  We’re off for our winter break now, but we’re back on Sunday 13th January! You can make your Pop-Up Submission here. The winner of each […]

The Satanic Clause

Netflix & Warner Bros. sued by Satanic Temple; father of child killed at Sandy Hook sues author of ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’; British authors lobby for Brexit protection; and controversial ‘Suicide Bomber’ graphic novel is canceled. Our usual eclectic round-up of news and back-fence talk from the gossipy worlds of publishing and the law, hosted […]

Drunk on Virtue?

Another rollicking show, spreading good news and cheer to all. If only!  Links in today’s show include: Lionel Shriver dropped from prize judges over diversity comments https://buff.ly/2t60Akq  University presses consider whether to cancel book contracts of harassershttps://buff.ly/2t2FJi1  Anish Kapoor Sues NRA for Copyright Infringement of Bean Sculpture – https://buff.ly/2MHoE63 The EU’s proposed new copyright laws show no […]

Moods by Yoel Hoffmann

Start a story that never began and won’t end, spreading like chill to everything made of words, the kind of release that comes from depriving your most often used senses and engaging the ones you neglected.

Libraries are Having a #MeToo Moment

Our usual eclectic round-up of news and back-fence talk from the gossipy worlds of publishing and the law, hosted by Donna in Florida and Peter in London.  This is the audio-only version of Litopia’s show that’s broadcast live, in living colo[u]r on our Facebook page.  Listen to the audio here, or watch the video there: […]

Khirbet Khizeh by S Yizhar

A soldier reflects on a just-finished mission to systematically round up and expel those left behind in the small village of Khirbet Khizeh. Photo Gabriela Gleizer

The Scorpion & The Fox

This is the audio-only version of the show that’s broadcast live, in colo[u]r on Litopia’s Facebook page… do join us there! https://www.facebook.com/RealLitopia

I Pity the Poor Immigrant by Zachary Lazar

From King David (aka Kid Bethlehem) to Meyer Lansky via Bugsy Siegel, and the many pulled in their wake, a novel that charges from Las Vegas to Jerusalem, capitals of imaginary kingdoms. Photo:Francoise Gaujour

Interview with Todd Hasak-Lowy

Interview with Todd Hasak-Lowy – author and translator of novels from Hebrew to English, including Dror Burstein’s Netanya – with digressions into Orly Castel-Bloom, Yaakov Shabtai, different kinds of literary culture and the novels they produce.

Human Parts by Orly Castel-Bloom

Permanent winter in a desert climate, a dentist with no face, a woman finding material wealth in the midst of poverty, a governmental minister whose full time job is to attend funerals – all this and much, much, much more. Photo: Abhijit Patil

Almost Dead by Assaf Gavron

The man who keeps surviving terrorist attacks and the person who is determined to finish him off once and for all square off in this chapter by chapter account of what goes wrong when you add the human element to a simple ideological cataclysm. Photo: Serkan Mercan