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Susan Greenfield – Baroness of the Brain

Baroness Susan Greenfield is surely one of the most interesting scientists alive. Reviled by some, admired by others, never short of a piercing insight and a provocative soundbite… Susan Greenfield is arguably the most fearsomely intelligent, mini-skirted scientist on the planet. And she’s everywhere. But who is the real Susan Greenfield – and what is […]

The Viral Mind of Susan Blackmore

Meet Susan Blackmore, the world’s foremost expert on memes. The intro to her seminal work The Meme Machine was written by none other than genius biologist and fundamentalist atheist blowhard Richard Dawkins. Her lecture on TED receives millions of views— even despite TED’s dishwater-dull format when compared to Litopia After Dark (rowr!) “Man becomes, as […]

Three Faces of War – Very Special Forces

On this day in 1918 – the eleventh day of the eleventh month, at the 11th hour – the hostilities of the First World War formally ended. This is Remembrance Day, aka Poppy Day. But why poppies? Well, contrary to popular belief, poppies have been associated with war since at least Napoleonic times, when a […]

Three Faces of War – The Assassin

Making a welcome return tonight is journalist-turned-investigative-historian, Tim Butcher. Tim specialises in covering awkward places at difficult moments: Kurdistan under attack in 1991 by Saddam Hussein, Sarajevo during the Bosnian War of the 1990s, the Allied attack on Iraq in 2003, Israel’s 2006 clash with Hizbollah in southern Lebanon among other crises. All good preparation, […]

The World’s Deadliest Country

Get your jabs, people! Our guest (and fixer tonight) is none other than the great travel writer Tim Butcher – journalist, war-correspondent and author of the best-selling Blood River: A Journey to Africa’s Broken Heart, which describes his hair-raising attempt to retrace Henry Morton Stanley’s 19th century route up the Congo River. For the armchair […]

The Great Global Warming Showdown: Moment of Truth

After last week’s show, where do you now stand on the global warming debate? Do you believe what most scientists tell us – or do you think it’s all part of a grand conspiracy? And – would you be prepared to change your lifestyle if it meant saving the planet for future generations? Last week […]

The Love of Money

British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Chancellor George Osborne  are currently enforcing “savage” spending cuts that, in Cameron’s own words, “will change our whole way of life”. Why? What have the British people done to deserve this punishment? Tonight’s guest, Professor L. Randall Wray, has got some very revealing answers. If you want to […]

The Zelig of American History

How do you go about writing a book about one of the most powerful dynasties on earth? That’s the challenge special guest Russ Baker faced when he first considered writing about the Bush family; a tribe that encompasses two U.S. Senators, one Supreme Court Justice, two Governors, two Presidents and innumerable bankers and businessmen. The […]

Tête à tête with Faber’s Stephen Page

Having scaled the walls of Faber’s well-manicured garden eleven years ago, Faber chief executive Stephen Page found himself in the broadcast hot-seat, sandwiched between Naked Bookers Philip Jones and Sam Missingham. This show is the first in an occasional series of tête à têtes, devoted to  the illuminati of the book business. Page, who joined […]

Dan Rather Speaks Out

“I wanted to know what went on -what really went on – inside Viacom/CBS… about the collaboration between very big business and very big government.”  So says television legend Dan Rather in this special edition of The Debriefer.   “I knew that a lot had gone on behind the scenes [in CBS News] that wasn’t right.  […]

Our Man In The Cold

Tonight’s show is a real-life thriller: featuring espionage, double-dealing, murder and even a dash of Hollywood.  And a British ambassador who sees things he shouldn’t – and decides to tell the world. Sounds like the plot of a movie?  Craig Murray‘s amazing story has already been optioned by producers – if you can’t wait to […]

Peter Englund: The Beauty and the Sorrow

His origins were humble; a working-class boy from a small military town in northern Sweden, not far from the Arctic Circle.  Today, he is one of the most influential figures in the world of literature, because  Peter Englund is Permanent Secretary to the Swedish Academy, the body that awards the Nobel Prize in Literature. For […]