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Buster Shuffle

That’s Him! The One With My Dog!

Buster Shuffle

“Like the Libertines playing Chas & Dave!” squeals the Guardian excitedly of Garry’s guests tonight, BUSTER SHUFFLE. But then, the Guardian just has to work Pete Doherty into everything, doesn’t it?

Buster Shuffle

Buster Shuffle’s new album – click to buy

In fact, Buster Shuffle are far more interesting than that. They’re a breath of fresh air, a rock ‘n’ roll Ska band with echoes of Madness, Blur and yes… Chas & Dave, too.

In a sane world, these London herberts would be dominating the charts with massive mainstream airplay… but this isn’t a sane world – which is why we need The Hungry & The Hunted to shout from the rooftops about all the great independent bands you don’t see on TV.

Hot acts on this edition include…

1 Eye

Taking their inspiration from bands such as Madness, Prince Buster and UB40, 1EYE produce infectious sounds and catchy lyrics that immediately strike a chord with their audience. From the style of music they play to the clothes they wear, 1EYE take a unique approach to a sound that we all know and love.

The Q

Sharply dressed? Like your music full of chainsaw guitars, driving bass and pounding drums? Then The Q are for you!

The Wrath

 It is the rare band who can stand the test of time to truly say that they have the staying power that The Wrath do. Ten years in the Business and they are still provoking mayhem everywhere they tread. They are the mainstays of Australian punk/rock.

The Courtesans

Female alt-electro rockers The Courtesans have been stirring things up and getting folk a bit hot (quite hot) under the collar with their brash style and forthright vocals. ‘Genius’ is dramatic-as-f*ck, peppered with glitchy reverb and grungy guitar, delivered with spittle, bite and the most feminine of swagger.

No Resistance

Houston’s No Resistance sound is a powerful mix of Oi!, punk and glamrock straight from the terraces of Houston’s BBVA Compass Stadium!  Bovver rock at its finest with hints of The Templars, Cock Sparrer, The Crack, Slade or newer bands like Noi!se, Giuda and Suede Razors.


When all the giants of rock – AC/DC, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Scorpions, Judas Priest and ZZ Top calls it quits, bands such as BlackWolf will inherit the crown.

Supertonic Sound Club

 Supertonic Sound club

An 8 piece Dublin band whose new single features Jamaican reggae legend, Dave Barker on vocals.  As vocalist with reggae duo Dave and Ansel Collins, Dave scored a No. 1 hit in the UK in 1971 with “Double Barrel”.


Iaeshaa was born in St Lucia, an exotic island located in the Caribbean. Beware dancehall and reggae fans… dance crews, wear comfortable shoes, for she comes with news… This royal beauty is ready to set it off!

The Riders Of The Night

 Formed in North London in 2006, it didn’t take long for the Riders to establish a reputation as an exciting and unpredictable ‘must see’ act onstage, as numerous sell-out gigs testify.


 Founded in early 2011 as a four-piece with the intention of just playing the occasional show belting out hard hitting street punk, they soon began playing regular shows in their hometown of Atlanta and throughout the South-eastern USA.

The Antagonizers ATL

 Dirty South Rock N Roll served straight up. Dirty and in your face. Expect plenty of guitar work and back up vocals and sing-a-longs, too!

Damn Vandals


  Edelweiss is a young indie/wunder/math rock band out of Stroudsburg, PA with all band members 20 or younger. Despite their age, Edelweiss has played clubs and bars in New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago including Pianos, Bowery Electric, The Knitting Factory, Starlight Ballroom, Mercury Lounge, Studio at Webster Hall, Marlin Room, and The Fireside Bowl. Edelweiss write and wield their instruments with surgeon-like precision while remaining excitingly fresh and dynamic.  Lineup: Tommy (19 bass/vox), Niko (20 guitar/vox), Tony (18 guitar/synths), Shane (18 percussion)

The Fallen

Remember – we’re keen to discover, play and support new bands and new talent – send us a music submission via the link below!

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